Watch: Danny Trejo Get His Clock Cleaned In 4th of July Fight

80-year-old actor versus water balloon thrower at parade.

danny trejo fight video fourth july

Don’t let Hollywood fool ya: While Danny Trejo plays a tough guy on the big screen, the 80-year-old actor is seen getting his clock cleaned with a buddy in a fight on the Fourth of July.

So what happened is that Danny Trejo was cruising convertible style in the Sunland-Tujunga, California Fourth of July parade when someone threw a water balloon and hit the car. Well, Danny Trejo didn’t like it and confronted the alleged water balloon thrower.

danny trejo

Check out the video below where Danny Trejo throws a left punch and gets buried for it. Then his chubby buddy tries to intervene and gets flattened.

Trejo can be seen falling to the ground k’o-style, getting back up and then throwing a chair.

A scuffle breaks out, and Trejo can be seen being held back by a woman.

According to TMZ, another water balloon was thrown at the actor and hit him in the head.


Get this, in another video after the fight, Trejo says he was provoked and targeted over his race and that he thought the man was attacking him with an acid-filled balloon.

“Honestly, I am so sad that I behaved the way I behaved,” he said. “I’m so sad that grown men gotta throw water balloons to enjoy a day. I don’t think I would have even got out of the car if somebody hadn’t yelled, ‘It’s acid!'”

Trejo also claims the guy grabbed him first, and that as he stepped back, he fell off the curb.

“I’m sad. I’m just sad,” said the actor.

The guy running the camera asked if he felt he was targeted because he was Mexican which the pair thought was so as only the low-riders were getting targeted.

Watch the video:

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