Damon Lindelof Talks Plot Holes & Prometheus; Mentions Back To The Future & The Dark Knight Rises (Audio)


[[wysiwyg_imageupload:6445:]]Recently, it was rumored that Prometheus 2 was in trouble with the reason cited being writer Damon Lindelof‘s departure.

Lindelof came on board Prometheus re-writing an earlier sript, with some in part blaming the writer for the film’s neutral reception.

Lindelof confronted the Prometheus 2 rumor and stated that it was news to him, and that he didn’t walk away when the going got tough.

Now, Damon Lindelof talks more about Prometheus as he was a featured guest for SlashFilm‘s 10-hour podcast for charity.

The writer is asked about his thoughts on plot holes for Prometheus, as they previously discussed the Marty McFly Back To The Future time travel paradox.

Lindelof brings up the fact that there is a difference between what transpired in Back To The Future, with what happened in Prometheus – in that it was a part of the character – and not necessarily a plot hole as seen in The Dark Knight Rises.

It’s a fun QnA; check it out: