Cyborg Knightmare Suit Concept Art

Justice League Cyborg Knightmare Suit Concept Art

With talk – or not – of a potential solo movie happening, cool new concept art from the Justice League movie has been released featuring the ulta-cool Cyborg Knightmare suit!

To be honest, I’m not exactly sure if this is a part of a “Knightamare” scene from Justice League (it may have been featured in a Darkseid scene), but director Zack Snyder originally teased this Cyborg costume next to The Flash Knightmare suit as well, so the name has stuck among fans. Snyder also has a statue of it on his desk.

Concept artist Jerad S. Marantz does confirm this Cyborg suit is from Justice League, so at least we now know that, but it was never used in the movie.

We can probably guess this version of the Cyborg suit and whatever scene it was a part of in Justice League was scrapped when Joss Whedon came on board.

It’s a shame because it is a pretty sweet suit! Check it out below!

The good news is that if they ever do a solo Cyborg movie we may get to see the costume in the solo flick as recently Joe Morton offered they may use cut footage from Justice League for the solo Cyborg movie, so at least there is that.



“More Exploration on #cyborg for #justiceleague,” Jerad S. Marantz posted on Instagram.

“Early concept model for #cyborgfor #justiceleague There was a lot of exploration on this guy. I was often going back to him between the the other characters and adjusting the model and incorporating new notes,” Marantz said.

“His is the first back study I did for #cyborg on #justiceleague. I was trying to go with a more football payer vibe with him and was going with a thicker body,” Marantz said.


More Exploration on #cyborg for #justiceleague. #dcu #stone #comicbookmovies #comics #dc #concepart #zbrush #keyshot

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Here is a pic of the suit Snyder released a while back next to The Flash:

Knightmare Cyborg