Op-Ed: Marvel Editorial to Cosmic Fans: ‘We’re just not that into you’

Timelord is back offering his two cents.


(Editor’s note: The following article is part of an Op-Ed series on the state of Marvel Cosmic)

Marvel Editorial to Cosmic Fans:  “We’re just not that into you.”

“…in this case the sales on both of these books were not the main factors in what’s going on and what lies ahead in their futures.”
– EIC Joe Quesada CBR My Cup

You know what makes me mad?  You know what makes me so angry I feel like getting down on all fours and fighting a rabid Pit Bull for a bone?  The way Marvel Editorial has treated the cosmic fan community.

So recently, we’ve gotten news of yet another attempt to lure the Bat-fans to Marvel with a Bendis version of Moon Knight.  How many chances has MK been given to catch fire now?  I’ve lost count.  He guest stars constantly, gets promoted way more than his sales warrant, has a place in the blazing hot best selling Secret Avengers – and no sooner does one of his ongoings fail miserably than he’s given another one.  Now don’t get me wrong – I like MK.  I’m just saying, “Where’s the parity for cosmic?”

How many chances has She-Hulk been given?  A new ongoing was launched (only to turn into a mini) within less than a year of her last ongoing being a consistent sales bottom dweller? Now, when are we getting the next She-Hulk? Don’t get me started on Spider-Girl and Black Panther.  What’s next – a new Ms. Marvel ongoing?  Again – I like all these characters so don’t crucify me in the forums.  Hell – I might even buy a new Ms. Marvel ongoing if they make her costume skimpier – especially the thong portion.  I’m just saying, “Where’s the parity for cosmic?”

Truth is – Marvel Editorial has an ongoing love affair with street level stories and characters that blinds them to other comics genres and sub-genres.  I get it that street level comprises the best seller list – so don’t stop reading and rush over to the forums to talk down to me just yet.  Hear me out first and answer the following questions.

How many chances are pseudo-popular street level characters given to succeed versus say – pseudo-popular cosmic, horror, or western characters?  How many chances and how many promotional efforts have – say – Dr. Strange and Dr. Voodoo been given versus street level characters with the same level of popularity?

As far as that goes, how often do street level characters get extra chances versus other genres?  Nova has been given a chance on average about once per decade since inception.  Guardians of the Galaxy less than that.  Yet Moon Knight, She-Hulk, and Black Panther can get multiple chances to succeed accompanied by beaucoup promotionals within a year or less of an ongoing being cancelled even though we all know that the run of the mill Marvel zombie is only going to buy books under the Avengers, Deadpool, Wolverine, and X brands.  Street level niches have even less of a chance than cosmic and horror no matter how well they are written and drawn.  I point to Young Allies as evidence.  So – why not explore other niches?  Street level bias perhaps?

And what’s with this attitude – We know what you want, but just take this “ cosmic” stuff we like starring street levels and shut up – yeah – I’m talking about Chaos War.  I was an Incredible Hercules fan big time.  So, I like Herc and Cho.  Chaos War – you’re no IH and you’re not acceptable cosmic. 

I’m not buying Annihilators as I refuse to support the forget what you want and just buy what we give you attitude.  Contrary to what any of my old girlfriends will tell you – I’m not that easy.  That attitude doesn’t work with me.  Comics publishers have to court me if they want my money.  When they tell me – We’re just not that into you – I move on.  The indies have an entirely better attitude. 

Comics sales falling?   Maybe it’s because the market is getting over-saturated with derivative and repetitive street level stuff.  Maybe it’s time to diversify and court the niche audiences like – say – cosmic.  Think about it T&A.  Give cosmic parity with street level – just keep Bendis the hell away from it.  Bring back DnA’s take on Nova and Guardians of the Galaxy now!

Article by:  Timelord

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