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Watch: James Bond Short From Power/Rangers Producer

Matt McGloin
Posted: 03/03/2015 - 09:13

With the controversial Power/Rangers fan-film receiving a lot of attention, now seems like a good time for Adi Shankar to release another.

Check out the motion-storyboards short above for Shankar's James Bond: In Service Of Nothing.

Update: MGM yanked the video due to copyright complaint.


In this Unauthorized "Bootleg Universe" One-Shot, an aging James Bond struggles to find his place in a self absorbed world without boarders, where service to one's nation is an antiquated concept. Presented to you as a pre-visulation motion storyboard.

"I always wondered what would happen to James Bond in his old age and in our borderless world. I'm not referring to the Bond we've seen in recent films, that incarnation is closer to Jason Bourne meets Batman. I'm referring to the swanky, alcoholic, serial killer, with mommy issues that we saw in films like Dr. No and Goldfinger. How would he find a sense of purpose in a self absorbed and impersonal modern world once his license to kill has been revoked?" - Adi Shankar

Adi Shankar Presents a James Bond "Bootleg Universe" One-Shot written and directed by Tyler Gibb.