Thanos Creator Jim Starlin Hurt In SodaStream Accident

Matt McGloin Posted: 11/19/2016 - 14:34 COMMENT

It's not a good week for celebrities as first Stephen Amell, and now Thanos creator Jim Starlin.

Jim Starlin took to his Facebook page to post that he was involved in an accident with his SodaStream sparkling water maker.

"WARNING!!! My Sodastream soda maker blew up on me yesterday, sending me to the emergency room," Jim Starlin said. "The pressure release value obviously malfunctioned, an entire CO2 canister was pumped into the bottle and it exploded. Ended up with multiple lacerations to the face, a scratched cornea, a huge gouge out of my hand and possible fracture. I can currently see out of only one eye but that will get better. If you have one of these Sodastream devices beware! Yeah, that's my blood on the floor in the photo."

The photos Jim Starlin posted are rather graphic, which depict his injuries as a result of the malfunctioned SodaStream maker. Jim Starlin posted a follow-up noting he's on his way to recovery.

"THANKS. My sincere thanks to all my friends and family for their assistance, offers of assistance and good wishes while I've been laid up," Starlin said. "An especially big thank you to my loving wife, Sonny, for holding it together so well when I was injured and getting me speedily to the hospital. Since returning home she's masterfully nursed and spiritually supported me. You're a champ, Lady. No wonder I love you so much.

"A special thanks to Judy Jamison for sticking with Sonny for the entire eight hours while a terrific medical team worked on me up at the Albany Medical Center," Starlin contined. "Then she gave us a ride home afterwards. This lady deserves a medal.
I am mending. Started getting back some vision in my left eye yesterday and they tell me I should fully recover from this injury. Hard to tell how my right hand is doing because of the immobility caused by the cast. But the fingers are wiggling nicely and I take that as a good sign. Facial and ear lacerations are healing nicely. Glad to be alive and thankful for all the good people in my life."

The SodaStream website does claim the SodaStream carbonators are "absolutely" safe, but obviously something  went really wrong with Mr. Starlin's SodaStream maker.  

Cosmic Book News is glad to hear that Jim Starlin is going to be alright and we wish him all the best as he continues to recover.