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More Villains Than Thanos For Avengers: Infinity War Says Whedon

Matt McGloin Posted: 04/17/2015 - 10:50 COMMENT

Marvel Avengers: Infinity War Teaser

Marvel's Phase 3 will culminate with The Avengers: Infinity War movies where the Marvel heroes will be taking on the cosmic bad guy Thanos.

It seems following the post-credit scene in Avengers and the Thanos scenes in Guardians of the Galaxy, some fans thought the Mad Titan should have been the villain of Avengers 2.

Now a reporter for Vulture has posted an excerpt from an interview with Joss Whedon where Whedon tackles the question regarding Thanos in Avengers 2.

Whedon says Thanos was never meant to be the villain of Avengers 2, but just a puppet-master, and then would be the villain the Avengers would face off against. Whedon then goes on to state that Thanos won't be the sole villain in Avengers: Infinity War as Whedon is "sure there'll be plenty more [villains] in that monstrous epic." Whedon explains his reasoning for additional villains is that "Marvel doesn't string a story out into two movies that should't be two movies. They'll give you two big movies."

Whedon's Avengers: Age Of Ultron hits May 1st; The Avengers: Infinity War Part 1 and Part 2 have May 4, 2018 and May 3, 2019 release dates, respectively. Josh Brolin is playing Thanos.