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Marvel Studios Vs TV Rumors Said To Be BS

Matt McGloin Posted: 10/18/2015 - 15:22 COMMENT


It was recently reported that a split has occurred between the Marvel Studios division, led by Kevin Feige, and the Marvel TV/Comics division, led by eccentric Marvel CEO Ike Perlmutter, which also includes the Marvel Creative Committee consisting of Joe Quesada, Dan Buckley and Brian Michael Bendis.

The initial report about the split stated that following "several years of frustration," Feige recently "vented his unhappiness to Horn and Disney CEO Bob Iger earlier this summer" which now means Kevin Feige will report to Disney studio chief Alan Horn instead of Perlmutter.

No specific reasons were cited, but following the release of the report, the rumors started flying.

Long story short: Basically (from my perspective), what went down is that following the first report of the split, new rumors surfaced that seemed overtly pro-Marvel Studios with the blame being aimed in the direction of Pelmutter and the Marvel Creative Committee.

That's when Rich Johnston of Bleeding Cool stepped in and contacted his Marvel Comics sources (Johnston has been involved in comic book news/gossip/rumor reporting for the past 23 years).

According to Johnston, his Marvel Comics/TV sources filled him in that:

• Disney considers Avengers 2 a failure with the reasoning being in part Kevin Feige

• Avengers: Infinity War Part 1 and Part 2 will have production budgets of $500 million 

• Disney is laying off Marvel TV employees connected to Perlmutter

• Marvel Studios is cancelling the Inhumans movie (which was spearheaded by Perlmutter as an effort to promote Agents of SHIELD)

• Marvel Studios is interfering and stopping the Iron Fist Marvel TV Netflix series.

Now Forbes blogger Mark Hughes is stating the Marvel Studios vs. Marvel TV rumors are all BS - calling them "rubbish" -  offering Avengers 2 isn't considered a failure, there is no evidence Inhumans is being cancelled, Infinity War movies will not have a $500 million budget, and that Marvel Studios isn't trying to "harm" Marvel TV or cause the cancellation of the Iron Fist Netflix series.

The Fobes' report goes on to mention there is nothing to back up Johnston's claims, and offers the reason the rumors are BS is because Johnston got them from Marvel TV/Comics sources at the recent New York Comic-Con late night at the bar scene. It's more or less stated the rumors from the Marvel TV/Comics people were exaggerated because liquor was involved and that they are just simply disgruntled employees, which happens in the work place any time a split/differences occur.

Johnston is sticking by his guns, however, as he responded to the Forbes report on Twitter: "have spoken to a no. of Marvel execs, East and West, well away from bars, who would vehemently dispute this."

If there really is no "Civil War" taking place within Marvel, there is at least one going on in the blogosphere (spin from both sides) with the winner obviously being what comes to fruition in the months to come. Will we have an Inhumans movie? Will Iron Fist be cancelled? Time will tell...