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Drew Goddard Rumored To Write & Direct New Spider-Man Movie

Matt McGloin Posted: 03/02/2015 - 16:53 COMMENT


It's being said that Sony has hired Drew Goddard to write and direct a new Spider-Man movie.

The news comes from Latino Review, who also claim the new Spidey movies will be called "Spectacular Spider-Man."

Goddard was attached to direct the Sinister Six movie, but the report says it's been scrapped for a later time, with the Sinister Six to be introduced in the new Spider-Man movie.

It's also claimed the new Spider-Man movie will see Spider-man battling Iron Man (meaning Robert Downey Jr.?) for most of the film, and then Spider-Man tries to pass an audition to join the Avengers. According to the report, there will not be an origin for Spider-Man; he is said to have existed from the beginning and will be in high school. It's said they want a younger Spider-Man so they could have a bunch of movies, similar to Harry Potter.

While their plot information sounds like glorified fan-fiction - Avengers, Iron Man, six villains and high school kid joining the Avengers - Goodard can be considered a good choice to direct. Goodard co-wrote and directed Cabin In the Woods with Joss Whedon; is a producer and wrote episodes on the Marvel Daredevil Netflix series; wrote World War Z; wrote Cloverfield and episodes of Lost, Buffy and Angel.

Spider-Man is expected to first appear in Captain America: Winter Soldier in 2016 followed by the standalone film in 2017. 

Marvel's Kevin Feige and former Sony co-chairman Amy Pascal are producing.

Update: The reliable Hollywood trade sites are reporting it's not a done deal.