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Advanced Review: Sunset (Sneak Peek One-Shot)

Posted: 07/01/2012 - 22:53

Christos Gage and Jorge Lucas are giving readers a "sneak peek" into their seedy, crime noir tale, Sunset, this week — and all it will cost you is a dollar!

Although the 160 page, black and white, graphic novel does not hit store shelves until July 18th, the 22 page "sneak peek" will be available for purchase on July 4th! And it is something all comic readers do not want to miss!

With the depth of the original comic, A History of Violence, and the vibe of the movie Gran TorinoSunset is a powerful tale of what happens when your past finally catches up with you. It is a gripping look at a man who has been left behind by the fast paced, ever evolving present and has safely evaded his sordid past — at least until now! When a man has everything taken from him, everything that has kept him going all these years, all he has left to fuel him through the rest of his life — is vengeance!

Gage and Lucas have crafted a classic noir tale of revenge and redemption. Both visually stunning and prophetically powerful, Sunset is both true to the tradition of crime noir and fluidly evolves beyond it as well. It is viciousness at it's best and you have a "shotgun" seat next to Nick Bellamy as he cuts a swath of revenge from past to present!

At only a dollar, you cannot give up the chance to see a preview before the graphic novel is released! This is a fantastic book, and I am truly looking forward to the full story in a few short weeks!