CM Punk Returns To WWE

Seth Rollins reacts, and check out official comments from Triple H.

Seth Rollins reacts, and check out official comments from Triple H.

CM Punk Returns To WWE

Look in my eyes! What do you see? You see CM Punk returning to the WWE on Survivor Series after nearly a 10-year absence!

Check out the footage and video from the event below as well as official comments from Triple H.

Footage also shows Seth Rollins reacting to CM Punk surprising everyone at the event, and the WWE Superstar, who will be starring in Marvel’s Captain America 4, looks none too happy about it!

“This was one of those lightning in the bottle moments,” said Triple H and added the return of CM Punk to the WWE came together “quickly but we are excited about it.”

“In some ways, this has been a long time coming,” said the Chief Content Officer of WWE. “You can say this about CM Punk: Love him, hate him, positive, negative, whatever you want to say, people talk about him all the time. He is a magnet for that. He is a conversation starter.”

Triple H offers he did it for the WWE Universe.

“If our fans want it. If the WWE Universe is excited to have it then let’s go and we’ll figure out the rest of it from there,” he continued.

“Extremely excited. A lot of time has gone by. Almost ten years, right? If you are the same person you were ten years ago ten years later you’ve messed up. Everybody grows. Everybody changes,” added Triple H. “I’m a different person. He’s a different person. This is a different company. We’re all on the same even starting ground.

Triple H touches upon what is next for CMP Punk in the WWE.

“So what’s next for CM Punk? That will be interesting, won’t it? Yeah, I’m interested to see that myself,” he said. “I know that whatever it is it will be talked about, it will be exciting, and it will be a thrill ride for the WWE Universe no matter what it is. I’m thrilled, we are thrilled to have him back here and to have him – cliche to say – to have him back home in WWE. This is where he belongs.”

The WWE website has also updated the bio for CM Punk.

“At Survivor Series: WarGames 2023, Punk made an earth-shattering return, shocking the entire WWE Universe with his unforgettable comeback,” states the description.

CM Punk returns in Survivor Series:

Official Comments from Triple H:

Seth Rollins reacts:

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