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CM Punk To Co-Write Drax Comic For Marvel

CM Punk To Co-Write Drax Comic For Marvel


Former WWE Superstar soon-to-be turned UFC Fighter CM Punk has been announced as co-writer on a new Drax ongoing series for Marvel.

Punk, aka Phil Brooks, recently wrote a story for the Thor Annual for Marvel.

The success of the Guardians of the Galaxy movie has spawned many spinoff comics for the different characters. Gamora gets her own ongoing as well from Nicole Perlman, who wrote an earlier version of the Guardians of the Galaxy movie script and is co-writing the Captain Marvel movie.

Regarding the new Drax series, CM Punk made the announcement today at C2E2 with mention the title will launch later this year. The cover for the first issue will be by Ed McGuinness. It’s presently unknown who the co-writer and artist are (Andy Lanning wouldn’t be a bad choice as co-writer) for the series.

While no plot details are known, we see mention of “Intergalactic Fight Club” on the Drax cover, which was featured in Rocket Raccoon #1 as well.

Hopefully Punk will do his homework by reading the 2005 Drax mini-series, Annihilation and Abnett and Lanning’s 2008 Guardians of the Galaxy series that inspired the near billion dollar movie.

Our advice to Punk would be to skip BendisGuardians series in its entirety.