Ciaran Hinds Not Happy With Justice League

Ciaran Hinds Not Happy With Justice League

In addition to the over 150k fans that want the Zack Snyder cut of Justice League released, now add Game of Thrones actor Ciaran Hinds to the mix.

Ciaran Hinds, who voiced Steppenwolf in the movie, has come out and stated he is not happy with the theatrical release of Justice League and wants Zack Snyder’s version released.

From past interviews and trailers, we can probably speculate that Joss Whedon and WB butchered and cut a lot of Ciaran Hinds’ Steppenwolf dialogue.

Ciaran Hinds previously let it be known that Steppenwolf was at odds with Darkseid, but none of that was featured in the movie.

In addition, the Justice League movie didn’t feature that really cool Steppenwolf dialogue from the trailers regarding “No Kryptonian, no Lanterns” etc.

It’s unclear if a Zack Snyder Justice League cut will ever be released as reportedly a lot of the footage is unfinished and will cost millions to complete.