Chris Pratt Is Now Batman

The Marvel star can now add DC's Dark Knight to his long resume, of sorts.

The Marvel star can now add DC's Dark Knight to his long resume, of sorts.


Chris Pratt is a man of many talents and now the actor can add Batman to his resume.

No, he’s not starring as DC’s Dark Knight, but he now has his own Batman action figure.

Wait, what’s that you say?

In what looks to be a hilarious mix-up, a Twitter user posted images of a Robert Pattinson Batman action figure received from Amazon, but the figure doesn’t look exactly right.

The Batman action figure features the head of Chris Pratt’s Star-Lord from Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy!

“Yall I was so excited because my Batman unmasked I ordered arrived and look at what I saw when I opened the package wtf is this?” tweeted Chase SAW THE MAN x21 @BatChase13. 

The reactions to the tweet are hilarious, and it should be said this could all be a joke, but it’s still pretty funny, as following the recent announcement about how Chris Pratt will provide the voice of Garfield, Twitter users began tweeting that Pratt is playing and voicing every character under the sun, as Pratt is also voicing Super Mario.  Well, now Chris Pratt is Batman.

Check out the tweets below.

For the record, here is what The Batman Unmasked Robert Pattinson action figure from McFarlane Toys looks like:

Batman Unmasked action figure Robert Pattinson

Chris Pratt Star-Lord head featured on Robert Pattinson Batman action figure: 

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