Chris Pine Back For Wonder Woman 2

Chris Pine Wonder Woman 2

It appears as if we have confirmation that Chris Pine will be back for Wonder Woman 2.

The actor is said to be spotted on the set of Wonder Woman 2 as a fan snapped a pic and posted it to Instagram.

Chris Pine (assuming legit) can be seen wearing a white shirt in the pic:

Chris Pine was rumored a while back to return for Wonder Woman 2, which follows his off-camera death in the first movie. Chris Pine basically saved the day and flew the plane away with the explosives, which ended up exploding, and we all assumed Steve Trevor had perished.

Obviously as this is a comic book movie, anything could be happening including Steve Trevor somehow coming back from the dead or appearing in a possible flashback scene. 

As Wonder Woman and the Amazons involve the gods, coming back from the dead (or hades) wouldn’t be out of the question.

I’m curious myself how they will be bringing back Chris Pine as I do have reservations about his return. I felt his death meant a lot in the first movie, and I hope they aren’t simply rehashing the same story from the first film as well.

Interestingly enough, Wonder Woman 2 domain names hint at the return of something, as “rises,” “lives,” and “returns” have all be registered for the sequel.

Some fans are even hoping Chris Pine returns as Green Lantern.

Wonder Woman 2 has a November 1, 2019 release directed by Patty Jenkins starring Gal Gadot.

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