Chris Evans ‘Is Over Party’ Trends On Twitter


The Chris Evans “is over party” hashtag happens to be trending on Twitter with over 23.7k tweets for the former Marvel actor known for playing Captain America.

A majority of the tweets are actually against the “cancellation” of Chris Evans as the Marvel zombie fans have taken to Twitter to voice their dissent for the hashtag following it going viral.

It seems most of the Marvel fans can’t differentiate between Captain America the character and Chris Evans the actor, Evans, who is known for his left (Anti-Captain America) views.

Regarding how it all started, apparently some of Chris Evans’ controversial comments from last year surfaced on Twitter which led to the trending of the “#chrisevansisoverparty” hashtag.

Chris Evans Captain America Hydra Fan art

Chris Evans is no Captain America 

As I pointed out last year, prior to the release of The Avengers: Endgame, Chris Evans is no Captain America.

Since The Avengers: Endgame was his last Marvel movie and his MCU contract was up, Evans decided to let loose in an interview about his far-left agenda, which saw Evans goes so far as to question whether or not he would take an acting gig as Tom Brady because the NFL 6-time Super Bowl-winning QB may be a supporter of President Donald Trump:

“I don’t know,” Evans says when asked if he would consider portraying Brady on the big screen. “I really hope he’s not a Trump supporter. I’m just hoping he’s one of those guys that maybe supported him and now regrets it. Maybe he thought it was going to be different — and even that bothers me — but maybe there’s a chance now he just thinks Trump’s an absolute dumb sh-t, which he is. If he doesn’t, if he’s still on that Trump train, I might have to cut ties. It’s really tough. I think maybe a couple of years ago. I might have tried to pull some, like, mental gymnastics to compartmentalize, but I don’t know if I can anymore. So I’m just hoping he’s woken up.”

Evans also revealed that Disney, Marvel and Kevin Feige have no issues with his far-left tweets and are in support of him (not a surprise at all if you are familiar with Phase 4):

“Marvel has never said anything. On the contrary — when I bump into Kevin Feige the first thing out of his mouth is ‘Man, I love what you’re doing [on Twitter],'” Evans revealed.

So we see, just like a lot of the Hollywood hypocrite pretenders, Chris Evans had no trouble playing Captain America and making millions, but now that he has those millions, he questions playing Tom Brady over Brady’s political views.

What a joke.  

Speaking of jokes, check out some of the tweets by Evans’ Marvel zombie “stan” fans below.

Evans is laughing at them all the way to the bank, that’s for sure.

Chris Evens laughing

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