Chris Evans Back At Marvel (Rumor)

Rumors are stating that Evans is back in the MCU and that the deal has been signed for at least two more movies.

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  • Rumors state that Chris Evans has signed a contract to return to the MCU
  • It is speculated that Evans may reprise his role from the Fantastic Four movies, play a Cap Variant or a new character
  • The actor has previously denied the rumors

Rumors are again swirling that Chris Evans is back at Marvel and that the deal has been signed.

Last we saw from Evans in the MCU was when he went back in time in Avengers: Endgame and returned as the older Steve Rogers and passed the shield to Anthony Mackie’s Sam Wilson.

Steve Rogers is also featured in the What If…? animated series, and that could be a way of bringing back Chris Evans to the MCU via the Multiverse.

Following Endgame and with Kevin Feige developing the Multiverse Saga, there have been all kinds of rumors about Evans returning. Rumors have included Evans would be back as the Human Torch from the Fantastic Four movies, back as a Cap Variant or another Marvel character, or even playing the Jim Hammond version of the Human Torch, an android version and a member of the Invaders.

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What does the rumor say?

According to MyTimeToShineHello, Chris Evans has signed back with Marvel and will be appearing in both Deadpool & Wolverine and Avengers: Secret Wars.

As Deadpool & Wolverine features the Fox Marvel characters, assuming the rumor is true, that could mean Chris Evans will be again suiting up as Johnny Storm, the Human Torch, from the 2005 Fantastic Four movie and the 2007 sequel, Rise of the Silver Surfer.

For Avengers: Endgame, Chris Evans could be back as Steve Rogers, a possible Captain America Variant. Or who knows? Since it’s the Multiverse, maybe an entirely different character (Hydra Cap?!)?

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Chris Evans has denied Marvel rumors

Back in November, Evans did touch upon the rumors.

“You know, I always see those reports too, and it’s news to me,” Evans said. “I think every couple months, someone says that they’re getting Downey, and Hemsworth, and Scarlet [Johansson], and everyone’s coming back! … [But] no one’s spoken to me about it. And look, I would never say never, but I really — I’m very protective. It’s a very precious role to me, so it would have to be just right.”

Along with Evans back in the MCU, it’s also rumored Robert Downey Jr. will be back, which he recently said he is open to, which saw Endgame directors Joe and Anthony Russo shed doubt about as they feel the story is done.

Deadpool & Wolverine gets released on July 26; Avengers: Secret Wars has a May 7, 2027 release date.

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