Charlie Hunnam & Alexander Skarsgard Were Up To Play Thor


thor charlie hunnam alexander skarsgard Charlie Hunnam & Alexander Skarsgard Were Up To Play Thor

It’s learned Chris Hemsworth wasn’t the only actor up to play Thor for Marvel Studios.

Thor writer Zack Stentz appeared on the Kevin Smith Fatman On Batman podcast and discussed writing Thor where he let it be known Charlie Hunnam and Alexander Skarsgard were up to play the son of Odin.

“…Thor. It’s like [writing] big blond guy. It could have been one of eight big blond guys,” Stentz said. “I was there. I was like, ‘Is that Alex Skarsgard? Is that the Sons of Anarchy guy?”

Kevin Smith then asked if Thor might have been Alexander Skarsgard.

“Yeah. Those were the other two main candidates who are Charlie Hunnam and  Skarsard,” Stentz said. “I love those guys, but I think Hemsworth was the right choice. Just that frickin’ charm he brought.”

Stentz also let it be known he and Ashely Miller were responsible for choosing to use Coulson (Clark Gregg) in Thor after Marvel told them Samuel L. Jackson wouldn’t be available due to the negotiations not working out. Stentz said they also chose to use Clint Barton, aka Hawkeye.

Another actor up to play Thor includes Tom Hiddleston, who we all know went on to play Loki.

It’s also been sad WB had created Justice League concept art a while back with Charlie Hunnam as The Flash.