Channing Tatum Gambit Movie Back In Development


channing tatum gambit development

It’s learned the Channing Tatum Gambit movie will be put back into active development.

A report by THR states after being placed on hold, as Channing Tatum filmed Steven Soderbergh’s Logan LuckyGambit should move back into active development with a new director.

The Gambit movie recently lost its second potential director with Doug Liman, who moves on to direct DC’s Justice League Dark live-action film.

A couple of months ago also saw Simon Kinberg update the Gambit movie in that they are getting the tone of Gambit right.

I think the truth is when you have these movies that need a very special and unique tone, it takes a little while to find that tone…’Deadpool’ feels like it exploded out of nowhere, but it was a 10-year development process on that movie. I think it was honed over those 10 years.

I hope that ‘Gambit’ doesn’t take 10 years, but it takes a little honing to get that tone and that voice exactly right. The character has such a specific voice in the comic in the same way that ‘Deadpool’ has a specific voice in the comic, that we want to make sure that we capture that voice on the page. Really it’s just about getting a screenplay that is worthy of that character, and I think we’re really close right now.

The Channing Tatum Gambit movie was originally going to be released some time in 2018.