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Bryan Singer’s Regrets on Superman Returns

Bryan Singer’s Regrets on Superman Returns

picComic Book Movie asked Bryan Singer, current producer on X-Men: First Class and director on the 2006 Superman Returns, a few questions on the Man of Steel movie that starred Brandon Routh. While “regrets” might be too harsh of a word, (maybe “misgivings”) Singer does state some of the things wrong with the movie. To be fair, he doesn’t reget the movie (I do!); maybe we’ll could just blame the audience for not liking it – that much?

Singer was asked if he was surprised by people’s reaction, meaning they thought it to be not that good, with Singer stating, “It didn’t do THAT bad.” The director stated that the movie probably was not what most were expecting as it was “nostalgic and romantic.”

He goes on to say that because he directed the “X-Men” movies, people were expecting something, “more realistic and edgier,”  and adds, “the relationship between the Richard White character and Lois Lane that might have thrown people off.” In addition, he mentions the child coming into play.

Singer said he was still proud of the movie, but did say if he could go back he would change the beginning.

“If I could go back, I would have tightened the first act. Maybe open with the plane or something,” stated Singer.

Singer continues, and states he was too big of a fan, and that he used too much of the “comic-ness” in his Superman film – as previously, he didn’t for the X-Men Movies – and compared making Superman to Star Trek.

“What’s interesting is that people know I’m a big Trekkie, and they’re always saying, “Why don’t you do a Star Trek?” and I say, “You know, I think I’m TOO big a fan of Star Trek. You’d feel like you were watching “Wrath of Khan” again.” So with Superman, again, it was romantic and nostalgic and NOT a high octane summer movie like Transformers or something like that. I think people would’ve wanted that from me, knowing what I did with the X-Men, where I shed all the comic-ness and tried to make it real. Here, though, I embraced the comic-ness and made this alternate, bucolic Metropolis,” Singer told CBM.

Singer then goes on to compares Superman to Moses and the “myth of Christ” etc.

I find it ironic, that the one thing Singer would change – the beginning – is what most felt to be the best part of the movie. In my opinion, once Lex came into play and the Kryptonite Continent was introduced, in addition to the love triangle, it was all downhill from there. To this day, whenever I watch the movie, once it gets to the part with Lex and the miniature train station/crystal – it’s shut off time.

Regarding “comic-ness,” I assume he means comedy/comedic – and not comic book – as the X-Men movies were based off the comic books, but were not comedic, as the previous Superman films tended to be.

Missed opportunity.

We’ll see how new director, Zack Snyder, does on his Superman, as this director states Superman should, “kick ass.”