Bruce Timm Exits WB Animation: James Tucker To Shake Things Up W/New Character Spotlights


[[wysiwyg_imageupload:6429:]]Bruce Timm has been the man behind a lot of excellent WB animated movies and shows, from the recent Batman: The Dark Knight Returns films to the Justice League Unlimited series and everything in-between.

Now we learn that Bruce Timm is stepping down as supervising producer at Warner Bros. Animation to develop his own projects, and he is being replaced by James Tucker.

VoicesofKrypton recently spoke with James Tucker where we learned about the departure of Bruce Timm.

“Bruce had done a lot since Justice League Unlimited ended,” Tucker explained. “So it’s been quite a haul. I can’t speak for him, but I think going out on Dark Knight Returns was a special thing for him. If he was going to make the break, that seemed like a good time.”

In regards to the future of WB Animation, Tucker offers that he is going to shakes things up a bit, and notes that some fans are frustrated with the use of the same characters, but does offer there will be a better contrast of characters.

“I can’t go into specifics,” James Tucker offered, “but I have a feeling when we announce our next slate of movies, people are going to be very excited because we will be using Batman, Superman and Justice League as a gateway to exposing other characters.”

Tucker continues with mention that they are already doing that with The Flash and the upcoming Justice League: Flashpoint movie.

“My attitude is, ‘OK, this leaves me open to doing interpretations of characters and stories,’ so what we’ll be doing with Flashpoint is kind of changing the dynamic a little bit. Doing things that are based on characters and situations from the comics, but not literal adaptations. They’ll be more like original stories along the lines of what we did with Green Lantern: First Flight and Wonder Woman. There won’t be as many literal adaptations. That’s a step in the right direction, because this is a Flash focused story, and it’s probably the only Flash focused story that would sell, because there is a version of the Justice League involved.”

Read more from James Tucker via the link above.

In addition to Justice League: Flashpoint, WB Animation has Superman: Unbound coming soon as well.