Brie Larson Second Cringe-Inducing YouTube Video Wants To Educate


Following her first controversial video on YouTube, now Brie Larson is back with her second video which is for gamers as it features the Captain Marvel actress playing Nintendo Switch as well as answering fan questions.

The numbers for her second video, “Finally showing you my Animal Crossing island (and Q&A!),” are a bit better than the first, as presently, the second video has 59k likes with 8.9 dislikes, but similar to the first video (119k dislikes), it doesn’t come without cringe-inducing content.

Brie Larson YouTube plays Nintendo Switch Animal Crossing

Brie Larson plays Nintendo Switch on National Gaming Day

“This is Brie Larson, and this is my channel. Here I am making my first video on National Gaming Day, which for gamers is irrelevant. Every day is National Gaming Day,” says Larson.

What’s interesting is that National Gaming Day is July 8, so we see it looks like it took her production team a week to edit and upload the footage (posted July 15), which is something she has received backlash from the YouTube community for as her videos are obviously professionally produced.

“Anyway, I was going to show you my island that I have been working on for a very long time but I set it up on my Nintendo Switch Lite, and no shade, it doesn’t allow you to share it up on the thingy so it can go into the other thingy, and I can record it,” explains Larson. “And also you can’t transfer your game from one Switch to another. Yet. So, I’ll start this video off by saying, ‘Please, Nintendo! Please! I know you are saying you are going to do it soon but could you do it like really soon because I worked very hard on my island and I was excited to share it with everybody. You did me dirty.”

Brie Larson YouTube diversity

Brie Larson on diversity behind the camera

Also worth a mention is that a couple of years ago saw Nintendo come down hard on YouTubers who shared footage of their games. I’m not sure if the policy has changed, but maybe it doesn’t apply to Brie Larson who continues showing footage of herself playing Animal Crossing and answering fan questions.

“Mara Park asks, ‘Is it possible or do actors have the control to create more diversity behind the camera?’ And the answer is… complicated!” says Larson as she laughs. “I found it to be a lot easier when I’m a producer on a project to be able to have the control to create more inclusion and diversity behind the camera but I will say that I think overall, there’s been a lot of progress made, and I’m now at the point where I have active conversations where projects are coming to me saying, ‘Hey, we wanna make sure that there’s more diversity,’ rather than me bringing that to the table.”

Brie Larson YouTube educate

Brie Larson is privileged and wants to educate

Additional questions Brie Larson answers include “french fries or onion rings,” where she thinks the two are in separate categories (they’re not), what are the best Black Lives Matters movies and TV shows, her favorite book, what helps her get through tough times, and more.

“I wanna do also just like conversations,” Brie Larson says about what topics might be featured in her upcoming videos. “You know, one thing I’ve been thinking about is the fact that I have the privilege of getting a lot of interesting people on the phone, and I’ve had just so many thoughtful conversations during this quarantine time, and it’s a huge part of where I’m at in my life. I hope this channel can be a plan where I can share these conversations that I’m having, just so what we can all be educated and learn more about, you know, how we can be better humans. If there is ever a thing to do with our brief time on this planet, it’s that.”