Brie Larson Shares Sexy Images: Wonders Why She Has A Blue Checkmark [Photos]

The Marvel stars questions Elon Musk's new policy and shares new sexy images.

Brie Larson Wonders Why She Has A Blue Checkmark On Twitter

Brie Larson wonders why she has a blue checkmark on Twitter, as Elon Musk has cut verifications for people who haven’t approved and paid for the service.

Sporting a blue checkmark now costs $8 a month after previously being free where many outspoken activists and celebrities are refusing to pay.

“Why do I still have a blue checkmark?” Brie Larson tweeted Monday to her 3 million followers which has over 6k likes, 367 reweets, and over 600 comments.

As many fans have pointed out the reason that Brie Larson still has a blue checkmark on Twitter is that two days ago saw Twitter keep the blue checkmarks for Twitter accounts with over a million users, so again, as Brie Larson has 3 million followers, she still gets to keep the blue checkmark.

Elon Musk has actually said he is paying for various celebrities who haven’t subscribed, including Lebron James, Stephen King, William Shatner, and more, so it seems that Musk has revised course and is letting those with large Twitter followers keep the blue checkmark for free.

Speaking of social media, Brie Larson is also back sharing sexy images with the RODARTE brand. She showed off those sexy kingy boots back in October and now shows off a revealing top.

Brie Larson also debuted the new trailer for her Apple TV+ series Lessons in Chemistry and the trailer for The Marvels was released which gets released on November. Check out more of her social media posts below. She also stars in Fast X out on May 19.

Brie Larson on social media:

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