Brew’s Crew: Kismet, Protector of the DC Universe!



There are any number of cosmic beings in the DCU that have not made their way into the realm of the New 52 and what is exciting is what changes might be made to them or what grand and cosmic stories may be done with them.

This was what I was hoping to get from Stormwatch. Nope! From The Hunted. Nope! Now, maybe we can look toward, of all titles … Green Lantern: New Guardians, which promises an exploration of the DCU outside the ring-bearing cosmos.

So for that adventure, or at least part of it, I present … Kismet!

Kismet was created by my fellow Tim Corrigan’s Snazzy Comix alum Jerry Ordway and Tom Grummett, first appearing in Adventures of Superman #494 (September 1992).

Known at first only as Ahti, she was originally a peer and lover of the man who would become Dominus. They had a falling out when she ascended to the role of Kismet, which he craved bitterly.

Kismet was transformed into Strange Visitor for a time. Not much is known about Kismet because of her rare appearances in comics. Kismet is known for having saved Clark Kent’s father while he was dying and searching for Superman. She is also known to be a member of The Lords of Order.

In Superman Forever, part of the storyline of “Superman Red/Superman Blue,” Kismet tells the story of Superman’s powers and makes a warning of something terrible to come. Shown in the “Our Worlds at War” storyline, she is the protector of the DC Universe, akin to Quasar in the Marvel U. Right there is an excuse for her return!

During JLA/Avengers, she met the Marvel U’s Eternity and the two fell in love. They were then kidnapped by Krona who used their connections to their universes to destroy both. After the crisis was averted, the two sadly parted ways.

Kismet is a cosmic entity that possesses vast cosmic power for her to use in virtually any situations. She is nigh-omnipotent and can manipulate time, space and reality to achieve virtually any feat imaginable. She is also immortal, meaning she doesn’t suffer from the passages of time.

So humanize her a bit, take her down from Eternity’s level to maybe that of the Silver Surfer or a Guardian, and we have a great character for the New 52 to play off Green Lantern that has nothing to do with power rings, a goal of mine after all the Johns great-but-let’s-move-on ring-centric tales.