Blade Delayed Again: On Writer #7: ‘Significant Revisions’: Adding Male Villain

Hopefully this means Mahershala Ali is now in full creative control.

blade delayed again writer revisions villain

We’re either getting the best movie we’ve ever seen in our lives, or on the flipside, the worst movie, as again – now for the seventh time – Blade is getting a new writer amid it claimed “significant revisions” are again happening.

It said those significant revisions also include the addition of a male villain, and that production has been delayed yet again.

What in the fk is going on at Marvel?

blade fan art
Fan art

What is now said about Blade?

The latest about Blade is that now writer Michael Green has exited the flick, with it said another writer is being brought onboard to finish(?) the flick, which is at least the seventh writer.

The info comes from scooper Daniel RPK who says Blade is undergoing another round of significant revisions, following Michael Green’s departure.

The scooper says Marvel is now in search of a new writer, but at least says the storyline is finalized, and that filming is scheduled to now commence in Mexico or Brazil in Fall 2024 (it was previously said the start of summer).

The scooper adds that casting for a new male main villain is underway.

Update: John Campea says more of the same and questions if Mahershala Ali is leaving the role.

blade fan art marvel
Fan art

Should Blade be canceled?

Thanks to that expose by Variety, we know the weirdos at Disney were trying to destroy Blade like they have Star Wars and the past five years of the MCU.

However, exactly as I said five years ago, it has been a disaster, so it appears as if Bob Iger has no choice but to stop catering to the Disney weirdos and return the content to what is was prior to five years ago or so.

According to the reports, the original plan for Blade in the MCU was to make him a second rate character in his own movie. He was supposed to either be replaced by his daughter who becomes the new Blade or the daughter of Dracula (Marvel Comics is still pushing the daughter of Blade garbage). Worth a mention is that Michael Green wrote Logan.

Variety said “the story at one point morphed into a narrative led by women and filled with life lessons,” adding, “Blade was relegated to the fourth lead, a bizarre idea considering that the studio had two-time Oscar winner Ali on board.”

Rumors have since said Mahershala Ali has now taken creative control of Blade, which hopefully is true and seems to be corroborated by the addition of a male villain. The previously villain was said to be Lilith, who of course probably killed Blade and fought the daughter at the end (lol).

Blade has a November 7, 2025 release date with Yann Demange directing; Mia Goth is also said to be in the movie, possibly playing Lilith, assuming that still sticks.

I have an idea: I’ll sign an NDA, send me the script, and I’ll tell you if it’s any good.

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