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Black Panther Box Office Even Higher; Now Over $400 Million

Matt McGloinPosted: 02/19/2018 - 13:22
Black Panther Box Office Even Higher; Now Over $400 Million

It's learned that the Black Panther opening box office is even higher than anticipated and estimated.

In an update to yesterday's story revealing that Black Panther has the fifth best opening of all time, now Disney has revised both their three day and four day estimates for Black Panther as now the film is projected to bring in $201.7 million for its opening three day weekend, and its four day weekend is now speculated to be north of $235 million.

The four day estimate also has Black Panther tracking higher than Jurassic World's $234.1 million four-day gross.

Black Panther also looks to have come close to breaking the best Sunday gross of all time, which is currently held by Star Wars: The Force Awakens at $40.1 million, as estimates have Black Panther trailing by $500,000.

As of now, Black Panther has a U.S. gross of around $235 million, with an international gross of $169 million, for a current worldwide gross of $404 million.

The Black Panther Rotten Tomatoes score is still at 97% with 290 Fresh to 9 Rotten. 

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