Benicio Del Toro Confirms Star Wars: Episode VIII



We have confirmation that Benicio Del Toro will be featured in Star Wars: Episode VIII.

Benicio Del Toro confirms he has a villain role and that they begin filming in March.

The actor was in Spain promoting his latest movie, A Perfect Day, where he confirmed the news to a local radio station (via StarWars7News):

Interviewer: And are you going to shoot something after that?
Benicio Del Toro: No, just… *pause* Star Wars is coming up, we will see how that turns out. I think we start shooting in March.

Interviewer: And what’s your role in this new Star Wars chapter?
Benicio: Ehhh…. the thing is…. They don’t let me talk too much about it, I’m like the villain.

Interviewer: Oh wow!
Benicio: But…. we’ll see…*laughs*

The untitled “Star Wars: Episode VIII” has a May 26, 2017 release date directed by Rian Johnson.