Ben Affleck Met With Warner Bros: Script In Hand

Ben Affleck Warner Bros Meeting

It was recently teased that Ben Affleck might be back as Batman for 2019, and now the actor is spotted with a script in hand on his way to a meeting with Warner Bros.

In addition, it has been said Matt Reeves recently handed in his finished script for The Batman, which is due to film early next year.


TMZ reports that while Ben Affleck is not done with rehab just yet, he recently took a meeting at Warner Bros. this past Wednesday where it appeared as if he had a script in his hand.

To be clear it is not known why Ben Affleck went to Warner Bros. or what movie script he may have been holding.

A quick check of Affleck’s IMDb page reveals the actor has in the works: Witness for the Prosecution, the untitled Accountant sequel, The Batman and Justice League part two, but only two appear to be in a development at WB, as Witness For Protection is at Fox Studios and Justice League part two doesn’t look to be happening; so Ben Affleck may have the script for either The Batman, Accountant 2 or something else.

Regarding the earlier tease of Ben Affleck returning to the Batman role, he took to Instagram with a celebrity marketing firm teasing 2019 will be an exciting year, which included hashtags for Batman and Dark Knight.

Affleck was also spotted leaving rehab recently to train at his home, so it does seem as if he is prepping for something.

Batman Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck Batman

Director Matt Reeves recently offered an update on the solo movie and compared it to Jekyll and Hyde.

“Gosh, that’s a tough question,” Matt Reeves told Indie Wire. “I think that it’s interesting, because one of the things that I’ve found interesting, just as we’re working on the story, is looking back at Jekyll and Hyde, and the idea of your shadow-self, and the idea of, we are all multiple things. It’s different aspects of who we are, and I think there are times when maybe the surface of Bruce is not really who he is, but that’s his disguise. There are times when Batman’s the disguise, but there are times when his true essence comes out, because by being veiled, a kind of instinctual side comes out that’s very pure.”

Matt Reeves continued with mention that Batman having both a light and dark side is rather fun.

“It’s not an easy question to answer, in that I think that we are all made up of so many different aspects of ourselves that make the whole,” Matt Reeves added. “I don’t know if you could ever reduce anyone to one part of what they express. That’s what’s fun about his character, is that there’s a very bright light that shines on his shadow side. The idea of all of that is incredibly exciting. It’s part of what makes it fun for me to work on.”