New Ben Affleck Batman Rumor


There has been question for a long time whether or not Ben Affleck will continue to play Batman in the DC Cinematic Universe.

Ben Affleck even stated himself that remaining on as Batman depends on whether or not things are good enough to warrant a return to the role.

The potential good news is that with the new leadership in charge of the DCEU, Ben Affleck might be staying on as the Dark Knight.

A rumor lands online on Twitter from the same user that stated a big director would be coming to the DC movies, which shortly after saw Steven Spielberg named on Blackhawks.

Now the Twitter user claims Ben Affleck wants to stick around the DCEU as Batman.

I think Ben Affleck sticking with the role could be a strong possibility as the DCEU seems headed in a new refreshing direction under the tutelage of Walter Hamada, known for The Conjuring and IT movies. Aquaman director James Wan, who also worked on The Conjuring movies, is also sticking with DC as he is developing a Swamp Thing TV series for the new DC digital app. 

If the rumor is true, I’m guessing Ben Affleck likes what he sees and hears about the current direction of the DCEU, which may even mean he may end up starring in the Matt Reeves The Batman movie.

I’m hoping Affleck keeps playing Batman myself.


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