Ben Affleck Batman Movie Films Next Summer Says Jeremy Irons


jeremy irons batman summer

For whatever reason Ben Affleck recently backed away from confirming The Batman movie, now for the second time it’s said to be filming next year.

Earlier saw Joe Manganiello mention the Ben Affleck Batman movie in which he is starring as Deathstroke will film next Spring, and now Jeremy Irons, back as Alfred, says more of the same.

“Ben’s going to make a Batman film next summer. He promises me there’s going to be a bit more of Alfred in that,” Irons tells Variety. “In the Justice League we have seven major lead characters and I’m the butler to one of them. It’s clear I will not be dominating that film.”

Jeremy Irons also commented on the negative reviews for Batman Vs. Superman, and like most fans didn’t seem phased by them.

“I was very pleased by the numbers,” Irons said. “Zack seems to get a hard time from the press, which is strange. I don’t know if it has to do with the sort of secrecy that surrounds the making of it all. But the audience liked it, which in the end is all that matters.”

WB has yet to announce a release date for the Batman movie that also sees Ben Affleck directing and co-writing with Geoff Johns. More than likely Affleck didn’t confirm the Batman movie because it has yet to be officially announced.

Justice League hits November 17, 2017.