‘Batwoman’ Ratings Worse Than Canceled ‘Supergirl’


The ratings for Batwoman are worse than the recently canceled Supergirl series on The CW.

The numbers for Sunday’s episode of Batwoman are on par with last week’s numbers, which is the lowest ever for the series.

The preliminary numbers show Sunday’s episode of Batwoman only brought in 507k viewers which is similar to last week’s 509k viewers.

Update: The numbers are much worse, as the final numbers offer the episode had 493k viewers and a 0.03 rating.

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Regarding Supergirl, it averaged around 650k viewers for its last eight episodes of Season 5.

Another DC show canceled by The CW is Black Lightning, which also has similar numbers to that of Batwoman.

The CW has given Batwoman an early renewal but if the numbers continue to drop, it seems unlikely the show will continue.

When Batwoman debuted, it saw almost 2 million viewers tune in, but 75% of those viewers are no longer watching the show.

Batwoman ratings

Batwoman ratings:

Season 1:

Episode 1: 1.86m – Pilot

Episode 2: 1.45m

Episode 3: 1.22m

Episode 4: 1.29m

Episode 5: 1.16m

Episode 6: 1.09m

Episode 7: 1.01m

Episode 8: 1.01m

Episode 9: 1.71m (Crisis tie-in followed by a month-and-a-half break)

Episode 10: 790k

Episode 11: 670k

Episode 12: 850k

Episode 13: 820k

Episode 14: 750k

Episode 15: 750k

Episode 16: 770k

Episode 17: 630k

Episode 18: 640k

Episode 19: 700k

Episode 20: 740k

Season 2:

Episode 1: 660k – Premiere

Episode 2: 620k

Episode 3: 708k

Episode 4: 509k

Episode 5: 493k