Batman Vs. Superman Suffers Worst Drop Off Of Any Super Hero Movie


batman vs superman drop off

Following Batman Vs. Superman‘s record opening (which was slightly less than originally estimated), it’s now learned the Zack Snyder-directed follow up to Man of Steel has suffered the worse drop off of any super hero movie.

Forbes crunched the numbers (see chart below) and came up with Batman Vs. Superman dropping 55% from Friday’s $82 million to Sunday’s $37 million gross. That’s even more than Fantastic Four. Ouch.

While the obvious reason would seem to be the Easter Sunday holiday, as noted, Batman Vs. Superman also suffered the second worst Friday-to-Saturday drop off with a decline of 38%, second to Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises 40% Friday-to-Saturday drop.

The numbers for this coming weekend should say a lot: whether or not Batman Vs. Superman has any staying power, or similar to Man of Steel which came out roaring out of the box office as well, will Dawn of Justice peter out? Initially, there was talk of a Man of Steel sequel following its own big opening, but as the box office draw saw tumbleweeds, Batman and the Justice League were added to the next movie (this one).

People have been saying the critics reviews don’t matter, while that may be true, what matters is a good quality movie. Again similar to Man of Steel, Batman Vs. Superman seems to be received as a mixed bag: some love various parts (mainly Batman and Wonder Woman); some hate various parts (Lex Luthor, Doomsday, Superman).

It’s also been said WB needs to get at least $900 million out of Batman Vs. Superman to break even, so what happens if they don’t? Justice League starts filming in a couple of weeks with Zack Snyder back yet again. It seemed as if David Goyer took the fall for Man of Steel not hitting a billion, who this time?

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