The Batman & Suicide Squad 2 Villains Rumored

The Batman & Suicide Squad 2 Villains Rumored

A new batch of DCEU rumors hits the net prior to this weekend’s Comic-Con offering up potential villains for the Matt Reeves The Batman movie and Suicide Squad 2.

The Batman

According to the rumor regarding The Batman, it may feature the Penguin as a villain, but not the main bad guy, with the Court Of Owls filling the villain role for the film.

The Court Of Owls (similar to the Illuminati) are made up of Gotham’s wealthiest and oldest families, and The Batman may also have a story that ties into the founding families of Gotham City.

It’s also said that The Batman will be a prequel film set 15 years in the past and before Robin, which also means none of the Bat-family characters will be a part of the movie.

Interesting enough, the Court of Owls and Batman are going to be a part of Comic-Con as part of an exhibit for the DC Universe streaming service.

While not touched upon, if The Batman is a prequel, it may mean Matt Reeves is indeed using a younger actor for the role (which may be announces this week at Comic-Con); however, there is always the possibility that Ben Affleck could stay on, with de-aging tech used (such as Marvel Studios is using for Samuel L. Jackson in Captain Marvel).

Court Of Owls

The Batman

Suicide Squad 2

Regarding the Suicide Squad 2 villain, it’s said it won’t be Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam.

Apparently the story for Suicide Squad 2 is for the squad to go after a “weapon of mass destruction,” of which Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam was going to fulfill the role, but reportedly The Rock doesn’t have time (or more than likely turned it down) to take on the part.

It is then said WB looked at other villains including Zatanna or Raven, but they seem too close to Enchantress, so those two have apparently been ruled out.

A pretty cool villain, again said to not make the cut, would have been Kara Zor-El, but not as Supergirl. As Zack Snyder hinted at Supergirl crashing on Earth years ago in Man of Steel, they could have went with the route that Kara was captured my someone and used as a living weapon (my guess is it could have been Maxwell Lord). This could have set up Superman cameoing or setting up a Justice League vs Suicide Squad down the line (similar to the recent comics). But again, this is said to be not happening.

So with those villains rules out, it’s now rumored that Justice League villain Amazo is the main bad guy for Suicide Squad 2 and who will be fulfilling the role of a “weapon of mass destruction” that the squad must stop.

Amazo’s powers include that he can duplicate the powers of any metahuman he comes in contact with; so it remains to be seen whether or not Amazo will have the Justice League powers (meaning he has already come in contact with them) as he fights the Suicide Squad.

Another tidbit is that originally director Gavin O’Connor was going to have the squad rescue a little girl in the movie, but now it’s said Margot Robbie took the idea for the solo Harley Quinn Birds of Prey flick.

The info comes from Grace Randolph in her latest vid:


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