New Batman To Be Skinny Pretty Boy?


Following the release date and word of Ben Affleck departing the role, the new Batman will be younger and is now rumored to potentially have a drastically different look than fans are used to, which just might include skinny jeans.

Update: A list of rumored actors hits the net.

The rumor comes from Revenge of The Fans, who does get some stuff right (and wrong at times). According to the site, Matt Reeves has a “very specific look” in mind for Bruce Wayne and Batman with the site offering that fans should keep an open mind.

“The names I hear… Folks, be prepared to be really open-minded. Reeves has a very specific look he has in mind. So just try and trust him. This is also a note to self,” Mario-F. Robles tweeted.

Robles tweeted again, “Only thing I’ll add is that there are a LOT of names suddenly making the rounds. Let’s just say 10. Of those, I’d say 8 would take require trust in Reeves. 1 is closer to the comic book mold. And 1 IS the comic book mold.”

A fan chimed in, “I’m picturing a lankier, skinnier and younger batman. I’m all in.”

Robles then offered a possible big clue that the description for the new Batman is on the money.

“Then you’re gonna be quite happy,” he replied.

Ben Affleck Batman

Fans have been used to rather big and muscular versions of Batman as of late, as Ben Affleck stood 6’4 and was rather jacked for the role. Previous to Affleck, Christian Bale played the role who was also in super shape for the Christopher Nolan Dark Knight flicks.

What’s rather interesting about the potential description of Matt Reeves’ Batman is that it fits with the actor I was told who was wanted for the role when I first revealed the title “The Batman” way back in 2012 / 2013 — Tyler Hoechlin.

Tyler Hoechlin is a pretty boy, slender and around 5’10 or so (if that). Back at the time, I was also told they were going for a younger Batman in his second year of being a hero, so it seems as if they kept with some of the same stuff for the Matt Reeves movie. Back then it was also said The Batman was going to be an adaptation of Arkham Asylum. Matt Reeves has said his movie will be an original story featuring a Rogues Gallery, so it will be interesting to see how much of WB’s original plan sticks. Tyler Hoechlin recently played Superman for The CW Arrowverse; interestingly enough, following the Elseworlds crossover, the character has been placed on the backburner for an unspecified amount of time.

Matt Reeves The Batman (tentative title) has a June 25, 2021 release, with casting underway. Ben Affleck passed the torch by tweeting, “Excited for The Batman in Summer 2021 and to see Matt Reeves’ vision come to life.”