‘The Batman’ May Hint At Bane


The Batman movie may be hinting at Bane as a certain scene in the movie might reference the character.

Note: Spoilers follow.

The Batman and Catwoman

The Batman might feature the Venom drug

Toward the end of The Batman when the Riddler floods Gotham City, Batman is fighting Riddler’s army in the arena and has to save Catwoman. 

Well, due to getting shot point-blank with a shotgun blast in the chest, Batman is pretty much out of it and can’t do much of anything.

So in order to save Catwoman’s life, Batman injects himself with something, a green liquid, which brings Batman back to life (for lack of a better description) and he goes ape sh-t on the bad guy that was going to kill Catwoman.

While it seems as if the green liquid shot was simply adrenalin, it might actually have been Venom from the comics.

In the comics, Venom is a highly addictive drug that gives the user super strength, and Batman even became addicted to it, as he used it to try to overcome his human limitations.

How it relates to Bane is that a new strain of Venom was developed in the prison that housed Bane where the scientist created a new version and experimented on the prisoners; Bane happened to be the first prisoner who successfully was able to endure the new Venom drug, which transformed Bane and gave him super strength, enhanced stamina, etc, and it’s what enabled Bane to escape the prison where he traveled to Gotham City to fight Batman.

What is also rather interesting, is that the fan-favorite actor to play the character, Dave Bautista, previously said he tried to get the role of Bane in The Batman, so maybe the character has been at least talked about, as we all know now Bane didn’t make it into the movie, but since sequels are on the way, maybe Matt Reeves will eventually use the character in some form.  

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