Batman: Bruce Timm Sells Out? Baits ‘Racist’ Fans? (Rumor)

Looks like they finally got to The Dark Knight and it's RIP Batman, folks.

batman bruce timm sells out baits racist fans rumors

It could be #RIPBatman, folks, as according to a new rumor, Bruce Timm has sold out with his new Batman: Caped Crusader series that goes woke and sees the fan-favorite creator bait fans.

Batman: Caped Crusader is the new animated series coming to Prime Video on Aug. 1 from Bruce Timm, Matt Reeves, and J.J. Abrams.

Bruce Timm, of course, got his claim to fame thanks to the Batman: The Animated series, where the new Caped Crusader series shares a similar look.

batman caped crusader bruce wayne

“Reinventing Batman”

The official info describes the series in part as reinventing Batman and his iconic rogue’s gallery. The series race-swaps Harley Quinn, and sees Bruce Wayne getting therapy under the care of Harley.

Well, according to a rumor, Batman: Caped Crusader could be bait-and-switch, as while it is created by Bruce Timm and looks like the Batman: The Animated series, the series is woke, which Timm intentionally did to bait fans with the Asian Harley Quinn (and likely more, if the rumor is true).

It’s claimed that Bruce Timm has said, “I can’t wait till the racist fanboys get a load of Harley.”

batman caped crusader harley quinn

“I can’t wait till the racist fanboys get a load of Harley”

The rumor comes via Doomcock from a source in Hollywood who provided the YouTuber with his identity to back up the claims:

I wanted to share some troubling news regarding the new Batman show, ‘Batman: Cape Crusader.’ Despite its resemblance to Bruce Timm’s iconic style, it seems the show’s direction doesn’t align with his previous work. A colleague who collaborated closely with Bruce Timm on numerous shows shared unsettling sentiments Bruce expressed about this show, especially regarding Harley Quinn. This departure from his storytelling ethos is disappointing. As my colleague recounted, Bruce said, “I can’t wait till the racist fanboys get a load of Harley,” which contradicts his usual focus on storytelling. Feel free to verify my background.

batman caped crusader harley quinn 2 1

“Another woke elitist”

The YouTuber’s source continues with mention that “recent developments are troubling” and more:

I’ve had minimal interaction with him. My buddy, who has worked with Bruce since ‘Batman: The Animated Series’ and many others, shared similar experiences. Bruce’s demeanor has become increasingly distant since hitting it big with ‘Batman: The Animated Series.’ It’s disheartening how creators, as they climb higher, often conform to popular ideology to avoid backlash. Bruce’s previous shows felt like they came from a fellow fan, but recent developments are troubling. I believe Bruce may have been influenced by industry circles, leading to his shift in views. It’s a sad reality, and creators often blame fans when their projects fail. Plus, Bruce hasn’t had a hit in a while. While I admire his talent, he seems to have become another woke elitist, a common theme you’ve highlighted.

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