Bad News: Pacific Rim 2 In Doubt; Good News: Justice League Dark Back On Table?


pacific rim 2 in doubt Bad News: Pacific Rim 2 In Doubt; Good News: Justice League Dark Back On Table?

Update: Guillermo del Toro is stating Pacific Rim 2 is still happening and has been delayed.


We’ve got some bad news and potential good news…

Pacific Rim 2 was supposed to start filming this Fall, but now it’s being said the film may not get done at all.

Earlier saw the news of the King Kong Vs. Godzilla movie, which sees Legendary Entertainment (King Kong) back to partnering up with Warner Bros. (Godzilla).

Legendary recently departed from WB going to Universal, but now with news of King Kong vs. Godzilla comes with it potential problems with Legendary and Universal, which looks to have effected the Pacific Rim sequel.

In their report about Legendary and Universal, THR makes mention: “…but for now [Pacific Rim 2] — which had been ramping up to make a release date in August 2017 — has been halted indefinitely and will be pushed back (if it gets made at all).”

No specific reason is given as to why Pacific Rim 2 has been halted, but it’s known Guillermo del Toro decided to pass on Justice League Dark to do Pacific Rim 2 as filming on PR2 coincided with WB’s JLD production plans. Now with Pacific Rim 2 not happening, does that open the door for Guillermo del Toro to do Justice League Dark? We’ll have to wait and see.

The report also offers a glimpse into the King Kong Vs. Godzilla movie in that Universal scoffed on the idea in part because WB’s Godzilla is so big in size compared to Kong; however, it’s said Legendary and WB think they can come up with an idea that would work:

 “There were funny comments about him having to be the size of the Empire State Building instead of hanging off of it,” says a studio insider. But a source close to Tull says Legendary is confident it can come up with a rationale to explain how Kong and Godzilla can do battle — and possibly become allies.