Avengers 4 Rumors Include X-Men, Nova and More

Avengers 4 Rumors Include X-Men, Nova and More

Following the Kang the Conqueror rumored spoilers, now another batch of potential plot leaks for The Avengers 4 mentions none other than the X-Men and our favorite, Nova!

Per the norm, take these with a grain of salt, but I actually think I like these details better as it’s said The Avengers 4 doesn’t feature time travel.

Based on “leaked” set pics and footage, it seems as if everybody is taking it for granted that “everything” will be fixed in Avengers 4 by time travel, but maybe that is not the case?

Who knows if all the footage we’ve seen is legit, as the Russo brothers have made it known they are intentionally trying to hide things and misdirect the information (such as Hulk a part of the Wakanda scene).

Regarding the X-Men appearing in The Avengers 4, they can’t be ruled out. The Disney and Fox Studios deal is already approved and will go through possibly by the time the Avengers 4 is released next Spring. In addition, Fox and Disney simply could have come to a deal to cameo the X-Men in the flick. After all, Fox and Marvel TV are working together on the FOX TV X-Men shows, and the two companies have come to a mutual arrangement for Deadpool and Guardians of the Galaxy characters, so why not X-Men in Avengers 4? Likewise, Spider-Man is being used by Marvel Studios with a deal from Sony, so it’s not like you can say it definitely can’t happen. We’ve already seen it happen!

Now on to the rumors below!

A Redditor alleges the following plot leaked on line some time this week, but was only found on various Brazilian Marvel fan pages, with the info also being mysteriously deleted by Reddit.

Note: My thoughts will be in parenthesis.

Avengers 4

Avengers 4 Rumors

First off, it’s said there is no time travel in the movie (which would be huge, as I stated above, as everybody expects it).

The end of Infinity War saw the Great Titan Thanos seemingly content with himself after destroying half the universe, so similar to the Jim Starlin comics, Thanos will be shown as a farmer (cool fan poster here).

​Similar to the previous batch of rumors, it’s said The Avengers 4 starts with Tony Stark and Nebula arriving on Earth. These rumors offer they arrive at a destroyed Wakanda where they find the surviving Avengers devastated by the events from Infinity War. It’s noted there is tension between Tony Stark and Steve Rogers, with Cap eventually leaving along with Black Widow.

Cue title sequence with MCU opening logo and Avengers theme song at a slow pace, which announces the real start of the movie.

It’s then shown what happens following Infinity War.

Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange

Some of Doctor Strange’s fourteen million six hundred and five visions are shown of how to beat Thanos, which is based on different dimensions and times. Footage is said to include a dead Thor; Captain America wielding Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir; Tony Stark with a tech gauntlet, and a Grey Hulk (this could also be why the adult Cassie Lang has been cast, as she appears in one of Strange’s visions).

The scene is cut so it leads to Doctor Strange waking up in the place that Thanos talked to the young Gamora after the Snap. Thanos looks around and sees thousands of capsules floating throughout the place, where it’s shown the capsules house those beings that Thanos killed during the Snappening. After that, Thanos is shown with the young Gamora again, which we know takes place inside the Soul Stone, so it’s learned Doctor Strange and everybody else is inside the Soul Stone.

Doctor Strange then goes to find characters that his visions revealed to be “important,” like Hank Pym, Star-Lord and other characters who will be introduced in the Captain Marvel movie.

The reason Doctor Strange was able to wake up and move inside the Soul Stone is because he foresaw the events in his vision, so he casted a spell on himself before “dying.” The then uses this same spell to awaken and “unfreeze” the others, which includes Hank Pym (interestingly enough the previous batch of rumors had Michael Douglas’ Hank Pym playing an important role).

Tony Stark

Tony Stark

We then switch to Earth where it’s shown Tony Stark becomes the new director of SHIELD. It’s said he authorizes the activation of the Iron Legion to help rebuild the world following the events from Infinity War. Some of the Iron Legion were created to help people that lost their closest loves ones, like Aunt May and the boy from Iron Man 3 (which IMDb lists is in Avengers 4, played by Ty Simpkins). Tony Stark also uses the Iron Legion to search the galaxy for Thanos.

Captain America

Getting back to Captain America, Cap and his team are on the search for Hawkeye, who has been on lockdown following Civil War and now goes by the name of Ronin. It’s revealed Ronin is tracking a person believed to be a Skrull. Since Cap and Iron Man are still at odds, it’s said Cap assembles his own team and questions where is Scott Lang and wants to know how to find him.


Things switch gears to Thor where he meets Dr. Selvig and they go the cave where Thor had his visions from Avengers: Age of Ultron. Thor has another vision where he learns those who died after the Snap weren’t really dead, but are kept inside the Soul Stone (in the comics known as Soul World). Thor then goes to Tony Stark to tell him about the new information.

Captain Marvel

Enter Captain Marvel

As Thor fills in Tony Stark about Soul World, Captain Marvel appears flying above Manhattan. Iron Man and Thor go after her, as they think she is a new threat of some kind, and they all start to fight. The rumor claims that Captain Marvel uses all her power and defeats both of the Avengers (note: Kevin Feige has gone on record stating Captain Marvel will be their most powerful hero to date–which does mean more powerful than Thor and Hulk). Captain Marvel then tells Thor and Cap that she received a signal from Nick Fury (Infinity War post-credit scene), which sees Tony accepting that she represents no threat to them.

Doctor Strange

Back to Doctor Strange, he and Hank Pym work together using Pym’s knowledge of the Quantum Realm and manage to escape the Soul Stone, first through Strange’s dimensional domain and then into the Quantum Realm where Scott Lang is stuck. With the help of Janet Van Dyne, Doctor Strange finds out it is possible to contact Wong, who survived the Snap, the same way Janet was able to contact Scott, by using his mind. Strange then contacts Wong, and Wong finds the Quantum Realm machine and brings back Ant-Man, who then is able to bring back Doctor Strange, Hank Pym and Janet Van Dyne to the real world.

Avengers 4 Captain America

Captain America

Now the movie shifts back to Captain America who is said to have a long beard and long hair and is absolutely torn and depressed. Cap blames himself for all the deaths and losing to Thanos. There is a scene shown featuring Captain America’s team fighting the Skrulls. It’s said the scene is intense and epic, with Cap’s team almost losing. Suddenly! A bright golden light appears in the skies and defeats all the Skrulls in a matter of seconds! It’s Captain Marvel!

Captain Marvel

It’s revealed that Captain Marvel was sent by Tony Stark to find Captain America and invite him to join the fight with Thanos once again, with Tony offering a temporary truce. Captain Marvel takes a look at Steve Rogers in his deplorable condition and questions Cap about his honor as she doubts this could be the legendary Captain America that she grew up hearing about. It’s said “in an emotion military dialog with Captain Marvel, Steve Rogers is motivated again to come back and fight once more.”

Cap’s team and Captain Marvel then assemble to the new SHIELD headquarters where they meet up with Tony Stark.

Avengers movie


A virtual reality video is shown to bring Captain Marvel up to speed (which may explain those leaked set photos we all think involve time travel). The VR footage shows the Battle of New York from the first Avengers movie all the way to Infinity War (this could also explain why Robert Downey Jr. was shown wearing a SHIELD uniform along with Loki, as the present Tony is showing the events to Captain Marvel in VR).

With the Avengers united (could that be the title??), Tony gives Cap back his traditional suit and along with it, the shield. Steve cuts his hair, shaves and gets cleaned up, which is a throw back to the look of Captain America from the first Avengers movie. Tony notes to Cap their reunion is temporary and after all is taken care of, there will be a reckoning between the two of them.

So there are three teams: Tony Stark and Thor, Cap’s team, and the Doctor Strange and Hank Pym team.

Hank Pym manages to create a device that is capable of tracking the energy signatures of the Infinity Stones, and they use it to find Thanos. Tony and Hank then create a device than can harness the power of the Infinity Stones, which makes it possible for an ordinary human to use them without dying. The devices are given to Thor, Iron Man, Ant-Man, Captain America and Captain Marvel.

Regarding the Hulk, it’s said after numerous attempts, Banner is finally able to transform into the Hulk, but this time, manages to retain his own mind and becomes Professor Hulk (more Hulk theories here).


Avengers 4 Final Battle

All the Avengers travel to the planet where Thanos resides, where the final battle kicks off. It’s described as “a very intense and thrilling fight against Thanos.”

Thanos appears to be getting the better of the Avengers, when Captain Marvel shows and faces off against the Great Titan Thanos in “an epic battle,” with her aim to destroy the Infinity Gauntlet.

The Avengers regroup and manage to destroy the Infinity Gauntlet, which explodes. All the Infinity Stones are on the floor, with the Avengers retaining possession of all the stones except for one. Thanos manages to escape with the Soul Stone, but Hank Pym, who is still on Earth, is still able to track the Soul Stone’s power, and the Avengers head to Vormir, the place where Thanos first found the Soul Stone and sacrificed Gamora.

When the Avengers arrive at Vormir, they split into teams of two. Tony and Steve are shocked when they come face-to-face with the Red Skull who informs them he is now immortal, but can’t leave Vormir, as he is the Stone Keeper. The Red Skull instructs them that in order to gather the Soul Stone, they have to sacrifice something dear.

Red Skull then suggests that Tony’s admiration for Steve (and vice-versa) is marvelous. Tony looks to Steve. Steve looks to Tony. In a brief moment of silence, Steve gives Tony his shield and says, “Good bye, my dear friend.” In an emotional and sad scene, Steve Rogers throws himself off the cliff, sacrificing his life in order to give Tony the Soul Stone.

Captain Marvel then sees the energy from the Soul Stone and investigates, where she finds a heartbroken Tony Stark–who has the Soul Stone in hand. She is sorry, but reminds Tony he has a duty to accomplish.

Captain Marvel gets two of the Infinity Stones, Thor has one without Pym’s device (may have been destroyed in battle), Scott Lang has one and Tony has the other. They use the Infinity Stones in unison to undo what Thanos did in Infinity War. The heroes all come back to life from inside the Soul Stone.

The movie ends with Doctor Strange caging Thanos in a dimensional prison inside the Quantum Realm, surrounded by a spell.

After that, there is a scene where all the MCU character’s are gathered at Captain America’s funeral, where thousands of people are there.

In a sad scene, Tony Stark says that the heroes will never give up, even if that means sacrificing their lives.



​Avengers 4 post-credit scenes

The rumor claims there will be two:


Everyone is coming out of the cemetery where Steve Rogers is buried. Few people remain there. All of sudden, in a motion blur, a man appears in a wheelchair, without revealing his face and wearing a hat, moving towards the screen. The man takes his hat off and is shown to be a bald person in a wheelchair, followed by five people. The music grows and the scene ends (obviously being Professor X and the X-Men).

#2: (​The second post-credit scene (and one I really like!):

After receiving a stress call, Captain Marvel arrives on a devastated planet. There she finds all the soldiers mostly dead. She questions a soldier and asks what happened there. The soldier says a name. That name is “Adam Warlock.” Captain Marvel pulls out a holographic device and contacts a being named “NOVA.”

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