Armie Hammer Talks Stealing Justice League Mortal Script & Batman

Armie Hammer Talks Stealing Justice League Mortal Script & Batman

Recently, Armie Hammer was thought to be appearing in the Justice League movie possibly as Green Lantern–at least that is what a lot of fans were hoping for.

Obliviously we all know that didn’t happen, but Armie Hammer was previously set to play Batman in the defunct 2008 Justice League Mortal movie from George Miller.

Kevin Smith recently asked Armie Hammer about Justice League Mortal and Batman (watch video below):

“They built a whole functioning [Batman] suit that had hydraulics and worked and had microphones all through the suit so I could hear everything happening around me,” Hammer revealed. “It was 100 percent functional because we had $300 million to do it.”

Justice League Mortal

Armie Hammer continues by recalling how they were told the Justice League Mortal movie was done for, but at least he got a little “souvenir” from the ordeal.

“Yeah, it was amazing. We were down in Australia for like a month or two months doing shoots, doing rehearsals, in the suits, all the characters in their suits,” Hammer said. “Then we get a call one day from the producers, and they go, ‘We need everyone to come in and bring all of your materials, bring your scripts, bring your notes, bring everything.’ And we were like ‘okay, okay,’ and we show up. They had big bins, and they were like, ‘Put it all in here,’ and I was like ‘Yeah, yeah, yeah, sure, sure.’ I quickly snuck a CD out of my computer and put it in my back pocket, turned it all in, and I managed to basically steal a script, but other than that I had nothing to show for it. I’m sure there’s pictures floating around somewhere with all of us in our costumes. But yeah, you know the tax budget all kinda went away in Australia and then the government had a huge reform, and they sent us home.”

Justice League Mortal

The writer’s strike in Hollywood also affected the Justice Mortal movie as Armie Hammer reveals they literally only had hours to come up with the script.

“It would have been the first comic book movie where they put everybody in it,” Hammer said with note they would have beat the Avengers release by a year or so. “The writer’s strike was looming. So what we did is, we all sat down at a table before we knew it was going to happen. We’re like, ‘We have two hours.’ And they’re like, ‘So just throw every idea we have into the script because we can’t write the script once it starts.’ And everybody just sat around spit-balling… And we ended up with a script that was almost like 200 pages long.. And then someone goes, ‘Okay. 5,4,3,2,1 all right pens down,’ and we were like ‘eehhhh what is this script going to look like?’ But it doesn’t matter because we didn’t get to shoot it anyway. 

Justice League Mortal

Armie Hammer also previously talked about Batman back in November.

“It was darker… It was… You know it’s funny. It was pre-Christian Bale, but the Christian Bale Batman had a lot more in common with it than any of the previous ones like whether it be the George Clooney, the Michael Keaton, all those which were almost campy,” Hammer said. “This one is about a guy who is severely psychologically almost deranged. It was dark, and it was really intense. This guy had major trust issues, you know the whole thing. It was a great concept and a really cool idea.” 

Justice League Mortal Superman vs Wonder Woman

Justice League Mortal was also going to feature an epic Superman vs Wonder Woman battle.

“Superman and Wonder Woman had the most brutal fight with each other that you’ve ever seen,” Hammer said. “It would be like if two superheroes actually would fight. They destroy multiple cities, like by accident because they don’t see anything else other than trying to destroy the person in front of them, and it was incredible. I mean at one point they destroy an aircraft carrier by accident.” 

Watch Armie Hammer talks Justice League Mortal and Batman with Kevin Smith:

Justice League Mortal Cast

Justice League Mortal cast:

Armie Hammer (Batman), DJ Cotrona (Superman), Megan Gale (Wonder Woman), Adam Brody (The Flash), Common (Green Lantern), Santiago Cabrera (Aquaman), Teresa Palmer (Talia Al Ghul), Zoe Kasan (Iris Allen), Hugh Keays-Byrne (Martian Manhunter) and Jay Baruchel (Maxwell Lord).

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