Armie Hammer Not In Final Talks For Batman


A rumor surrounding The Batman movie is now debunked as Armie Hammer said to be in final talks for the role is shot down.

The info comes from Borys Kit of The Hollywood Reporter who recently tweeted, “I’m not in the business of debunking bunk but considering everyone got in a tizzy over this…there is no truth to the below. Being told there haven’t even been any actor meetings for THE BATMAN. (But that doesn’t mean Reeves and WB don’t have ideas of who they would like).”

Armie Hammer was recently rumored to be up for The Batman in addition to a long list of others. Hammer has been a big fan-favorite pick to play the Caped Crusader ever since he missed out on playing the character in the defunct George Miller 2008 Justice League Mortal movie. While Hammer might not be in final talks, maybe he is at least being eyed for the role, as a previous rumor stated he was WB’s top choice to play the new Batman, replacing Ben Affleck. There is no doubt that Armie Hammer has the look for the part.

Other actors said to be up for the role, which is basically any actor between the ages of 26 and 31, also includes Dylan O’Brien of the Maze Runner films, Logan Lerman, known for Percy Jackson, Nicholas Hoult, known for the X-Men movies, and even Aaron Taylor-Johnson, who is known for Kick-Ass and Marvel’s Quicksilver.

With The Batman only having an official release date of June 25, 2021, it could be sometime before the new actor is announced. Director Matt Reeves is said to be still tweaking the script, so I suppose we should all be patient. It has been said the flick is in pre-production, so maybe the new Batman will be announced sooner rather than later.

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