Argylle Bombs At Box Office: The Marvels Of Spy Movies

Critics agree with the fans which equates to a dud at the box office.

Critics agree with the fans which equates to a dud at the box office.

Argylle Bombs At Box Office: The Marvels Of Spy Movies

It’s no secret — Argylle is turning out to be a massive bomb at the box office, a film I can only compare as being “The Marvels” of spy movies.

Argylle was originally supposed to be released on the Apple+ streaming service, and you know what? It should have stayed there.

argylle movie
Sam Rockwell, Chip (Aflie the Cat), and Bryce Dallas Howard

Box office is horrendous

Reportedly, the flick cost around $200 million to make, but the box office estimates for the opening weekend are only $17 million if they’re lucky.

Deadline is offering Argylle will only open with a $16.5 million opening, which is simply horrendous.

Update: It’s reported the opening weekend box office is $18 million.

argylle henry cavill dua lipa
Dua Lipa and Henry Cavill

Advertising for Apple+?

The site does offer that Argylle with a budget of $200 million is basically looked at as “advertising” by Apple for its streaming service along with Napoleon and Killers of the Flower Moon both of which have similar budgets, but as noted, all three movies are massive bombs.

We can also add with all three movies bombing, is that actually good “advertising” for Apple+?

Sure, there might be Oscar nominations, but does the every day fan care about that? I’d answer no. Argylle in no way shape or for makes me want to subscribe to Apple+ — it actually achieved the opposite effect as I have to wonder if Apple is just pure garbage (Apple is the studio behind the three movies).

argylle cat

C+ CinemaScore

With Argylle bombing at the box office, it’s also learned the CinemaScore is also a disaster to go along with it, as the Argylle CinemaScore is a C+. I can’t even remember covering a movie that has a CinemaScore of a C+, which of course means audiences hated the flick. 

With a current 197 reviews, the Argylle Rotten Tomatoes Score is at 35%, and the Audience Score is at 66%.

argylle rotten tomatoes score 35

It’s a shame, too, because the film boasts an all-star cast, and the flick actually starts out decent but at a certain point, things completely nosedive and it becomes cringe AF. And I mean CRINGE AF.

As I said in my review, Argylle is a chick flick spy movie aimed at fans of Taylor Swift and Brie Larson. I suppose, if anything, it might be a movie you would take your girlfriend or wife to see on Valentine’s Day. It’s really more a romance novel wrapped inside of a “spy thriller.”

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