Anthony Mackie’s New Captain America Costume Revealed

Film is undergoing massive reshoots to fix things.

Film is undergoing massive reshoots to fix things.

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The new Anthony Mackie Captain America costume is revealed via official promo art for Brave New World thanks to Amazon and Reddit.

Worth a note is that they are apparently dropping the cowl.

The film was originally supposed to get released on May 3, 2024 titled “New World Order,” so that explains why official promo art has hit the net but due to reshoots, the flick has been delayed until early 2025.

New look at Captain America’s suit from Captain America: Brave New World
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What is Captain America: Brave New World about?

Captain America: Brave New World now has a February 14, 2025 release date directed by Julius Onah.

The film is said to be going through massive reshoots and it’s known with those reshoots comes new writer Matthew Orton, who is credited as writing an episode of Moon Knight and being an associate producer on the series.

Those reshoots are said to involve adding more action scenes.

Scooper Daniel RPK has also said Captain America: Brave New World has been delayed because Marvel felt that the action sequences in the film were not big or satisfying enough when compared to the previous Captain America films, which includes Civil War and The Winter Soldier.

Jeff Sneider also previously said three major sequences will be cut from the movie and that reshoots will happen for five months from January 2024 to May 2024.

Julius Onah also previously described the flick as a paranoid thriller.

Harrison Ford is also starring as Thaddeus Ross. Marvel previously released the following first-look image:

Captain America 4 Gets New Title: Brave New World

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