American Horror Story: Asylum “The Coat Hanger” Episode 9 Recap (Spoilers)


American Horror Story: Asylum episode 9, “The Coat Hanger,” aired tonight which is the last episode for a couple weeks.

The series will return to FX on January 2nd with episode 10, “The Name Game.”

Tonight’s episode saw a lot of things come together and tie into previous episodes and characters.

Another frightful and suspenseful episode of American Horror Story: Asylum!

Now on to tonight’s recap.



[[wysiwyg_imageupload:4669:]]The episode starts of with a returning actor from the first season — it’s Dylan McDermott! He is visiting a therapist who specializes in compulsion disorders such as losing weight or smoking. However, he is there for neither! He tells her how he grew up in an orphanage and started to skin cats. At first they were dead but he found he liked doing it better when they were alive! The therapist is getting real nervous and suggests she is not qualified, but McDermott needs her help! He’s since stopped killing animals – hasn’t done it since his teen years. He had been in prison for armed robbery, too, where he had a lot of time on his hands and researched his past. He discovered that he is the son of Thredson! And that the can’t stop killing women! However, does she think it is too late for him? She says no, he can always turn himself in. But that is not what he meant! Is it too late for him to go to medical school because he can’t measure up to his father who had all the training!

Next we are taken to Lana and Sister Mary where Mary says it is good Lana got over her problem of being a lesbian — because Lana is pregnant! Lana wants to get rid of it, but Mary tells her she will have the baby!

From there it’s on to what has become of the good ol‘ Sister Jude — who is strapped down and now no longer a nun! She has been stripped of her title, as well as being confined to Briarwood for the rest of her life. Why? Because she killed Fred! Whaat?! Turns out Ian McShane didn’t die from his attack on Jude from last episode. The police were called in and questioned McShane, the Monsignor, Sister Mary and Arden on what happened. They tell her Jude went crazy and killed Fred (the guard), with Ian McShane testifying that he had seen her do it! McShane then goes on to ramble how he wants to repent and realizes he is responsible for his crimes, with the Monsignor looking on curiously.

Back to Lana we go who is in the kitchen cooking bread (as in a little bun in the oven?!) and we see her eye up the coat hanger rack!

Now we see the Monsignor looking through Jude’s belongings and coming across her red lingerie. Then Sister Mary comes in and they talk about how he wants to go to Rome, with Mary saying she will be at his side to help him get there.

Over to Jude who is fighting off having to take pills, and starts getting into it with a couple nuns. The Monsigor arrives and asks her if she is able to receive a visitor — Ian McShane! He forgives her for what she did to him, which was locking him down after he had sex (raped?) a nun and everything else. He completely forgives her and kisses her on the forehead, with the Monsignor looking on approvingly.

Lana then goes to visit Kip where the two talk about what to do with Thredson. Lana wants to kill him, but Kip says that he is the only thing standing in the way of his death. She has an idea, and they go to visit Thredson. Lana informs Thredson she is pregnant to which Thredson pleads with her to not give up the baby as he grew up in an orphanage and knows how it is. She says he has to be honest if he is really going to change and gets him to confess to murders, which Kip recorded. She then informs Thredson she already killed the baby, and we witness a bloody coat hanger scene from the night before! Thredson calls her a monster, and she says she will be back to slit his throat.

Kip then goes and hides the recording in a room under a bath tub when in walks Arden! He wants to speak to Kip about something and eyes the spot where Kip has hidden the tape.

Arden has a sit down with Kip and offers him cigarettes and booze. “What do you want and why are you being so nice?” Kip asks. Because Arden has seen them, too! The aliens! Arden has a plan to bring back the aliens. How? Because he figured out that both Kip’s wife and Grace were taken after Kip had sex with them. The aliens are obviously studying Kip! And of course they would want to keep their test subject alive and intact! So Arden comes up with the plan to “kill” Kip, because that will cause the aliens to show and save him. Kip agrees and gives Arden his permission as he may be able to get to see his wife again.

Lana is shown in the kitchen finishing up her work for the night. She hands her apron to a an orderly and instead of going to her room, makes a quick turn and hides. The orderly turns off the lights and leaves with Lana grabbing a butcher’s knife — but the orderly didn’t leave and takes the knife saying she doesn’t have it in her to kill someone.

Next, we see Ian McShane with the Monsignor. The Monsignor thinks if he can get McShane to repent it will bring him good favor from Rome. McShane is all repentant as they are in a baptismal pool. The Monsigor released McShane from his chains and they prayed together. The Monsignor dips McShane in the pool baptizing him. McShane is now fully repentant!

Of course he is not as he takes the Monsignor and drowns him!

Back to Lana who is in her room for the night. She take something out from between her mattresses where it’s the hanger. She shapes it into a weapon and proceeds to practice on her pillow. She goes to the closet where Thredson is locked up — but he’s not there. Lana is horrified and as she makes her way back out into the hall and comes across Sister Mary! Lana knows she let Thredson go, where they discuss the pregnancy with Lana saying it’s out of her. Not so! Sister Mary puts her hand over Lana and feels the baby’s heart beat! And she tells Lana it’s a boy!

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:4671:]]We now head to the present day, back at the therapist’s office. A patient enters and remarks how she needs some help with something, and then sees the office has been ransacked. She comes upon the therapist who is in her desk chair, but facing away. As the lady turns the chair, we see what has become of Dr. Gardner (pictured left)! The lady then turns and there is Dylan McDermott a bloody mess and the girl screams!

Back to Briarwood we go with Lana and Jude. They have a cigarette together with June apologizing to her for institutionalizing her. Jude promises she will make it up to Lana, and to prove it, she goes over to the record player and proceeds to smash the record (that’s been playing that same music)!

While all that has been taking place let’s check on Kip and Arden. They are preparing to kill Kip by injecting him with a drug. Arden delivers the lethal injection and Kip’s heart stops. Kip has about 2 minutes until he is brain dead, and Arden has a couple other injections ready to revive him. Just then, a bright light and sound appear!

Arden is shown in the hallways seemingly looking for something. He comes to one of the patient’s rooms, where we see that ugly looking goofy patient (pictured below) — with a full term pregnant Grace! Grace is alive! And that goofy looking patient is talking normal and will take care of her!

The episode ends with a janitor going into the chapel to do his nightly cleaning. That’s where the Monsignor and McShane had been praying.

The janitor looks around and his eyes are set upon the cross on the alter. However, something is missing. The figurine is not there, but in it’s place is the Monsignor! And he’s alive!

American Horror Story: Asylum airs Wednesdays at 10pm on FX.

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