Amazing Spider-Man 3 Casting Call Goes Out



Following leaked e-mails revealing that Spider-Man may be going back to Marvel Studios, a casting call has now gone out for “The Amazing Spider-Man 3.”

The casting call may actually lend credence to Spider-Man going back to Marvel as Sony previously didn’t have plans for a third Spider-Man movie before the Marvel talks.

Leaked e-mails revealed that if Spider-Man did go back to Marvel, Sony would want to fast-track another Spider-Man movie in order to follow Spider-Man’s appearance in Captain America 3.

The e-mails revealed that Marvel Studios wants Spider-Man for Captain America 3 as well as creative control, with Sony still holding distribution rights and the ability to make standalone Spider-Man movies.

The casting call does mention that “The Amazing Spider-Man 3” stars Andrew Garfield; however, that may not be much to go on as a separate casting call listed for Independence Day 2 has Will Smith as “rumored,” but Smith has been confirmed not to be returning.

The leaked e-mails did reveal Marvel wants a new actor in the role of Spider-Man, but internal communications between Sony execs did state Sony still wants Garfield.

“The Amazing Spider-Man 3” casting call also lists the city of Atlanta, Georgia, as the shooting location, which is where Pinewood Studios is located and where Marvel filmed the Ant-Man movie.

The information comes from Bill Beckman Casting, with the company described as: “Bill Beckman Casting has been casting for all major studios and production houses, including ABC, NBC, CBS, Warner Bros and Paramount…”

It has also been said Sony is holding a Spider-Man “Summit” this month to determine the character’s future with the company and possibly working with Marvel.