Advanced Review: X #0 (Dark Horse)


Back in 1994, Dark Horse published the original X series, written by Steven Grant and drawn by fan-fave Doug Mahnke, and it instantly became one of my favorite books! Now, almost a decade later, it has returned with an even more powerful team behind it, becoming one of my favorites yet again!

Serialized from it’s three stories found originally in Dark Horse Presents #19-#21, this new take on the over the top vigilante is a blitzkrieg of action and mayhem that will excite any comic fan! Written by acclaimed crime novelist and comic book master Duane Swierczynski (Bloodshot, PunisherGodzilla), X #0 is a dark and brutal book that looks at the underbelly of crime and the sheer horror that will befall anyone that crosses X!

The tale is one of revenge, though the reader never truly knows the full extent as to why, and it’s quite simple. If you do bad things and receive a photo of yourself in the mail with an X marked across it — X will kill you. The premise is easy, the brutality and execution of the slayings is what’s hard. But, not for the artistic talents of Eric Ngyun! His unique visual perspectives makes each panel feel like a well rehearsed dance routine. He draws the eye to every miniscule detail of the page and then slowly pulls back to reveal the visceral carnage before you. It is dark, exquisite and overtly beautiful. Not to pull any punches, this book is intense and not for young readers!  

Swierczynski’s tale puts the reader “behind the scenes” and follows three ruthless thugs through the book, the pigs if you will, and we see first hand how nasty they can be. We also get to see their inner thoughts as to how they will deal with their “big bad wolf” when he comes a’ blowin‘. The book never reveals the thoughts of X nor his actions prior to his attacks, thus making the moment he appears that much more explosive. It is dynamic, vicious and expertly written — everything a “street level” book should be!

Pick up another great 90’s character brought back into the fold by Duane Swierczynski! If you want something intense and amazing, this is the book for you! Though, I have to warn you, you may become a vegetarian after reading it!