Advanced Review: Uncanny X-Men #1


As one man surrounds himself with friends and students, the other brings criminals and tyrants into his inner sanctum. This is no longer a game, too many have died in the years of gene wars to warrant anything less than utter deviance. One man will save them all, but to what ends must he go to in order to achieve peace?

These are the ideas that fuel Kieron Gillen's vision for the relaunched Uncanny X-Men #1. He has created an uneasy tension in Cyclops' Utopian home, and it makes for one spectacular read! Cyclops has taken a stand for all mutant relations, and it is one that will cause fear and awe in the eyes of all species around the globe. Creating an "Extinction Team," he has announced that, "The X-Men will continue to protect this world, no matter how much it hates and fears them. But we will never be victims again."

While Scott Summers has created a "letter to humanity," Gillen has created a letter to X fans. It is one full of promise for smart, intriguing stories that will further evolve the characters in exciting ways. We are on the cusp of an X revolution; one that will definitively raise them back to the number one franchise in all of Marvel! It started with Aaron's Wolverine and The X-Men and continues here. You owe it to yourself to get in one the ground floor of one of the most exciting times in X books. Gillen is at the top of his game and it shows on each and every page, plus he has brought Mr. Sinister! What more can you ask for?