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Advanced Review: Shadowman #3

Shadowman must dive into the belly of the beast and survive the hollow coldness of the Deadside. It’s not the battle he must wage there but the decisions he makes that will forever change the course of his life. Can he be content living as just Jack or does he need to become Shadowman in order to truly live?

Justin Jordan and Patrick Zircher meld their wildly imaginative writing talents to bring to you a story of discovery and sacrifice that will solidify Shadowman as one of the best books of 2013! Between the fever pitch action, the soul searching drama and the off the wall circumstances our characters find themselves in, there is something to please every fan no matter what their favorite genre is. 

Shadowman is a timeless tale of self discovery where the roads to our future are paved with bricks from our past. But what if the past is unknown to us and our future is strewn with things that are too strange to be real, things that cannot be conceived by the minds of mortal men. Who can take us where we need to be, who can show us who we can become? And, what if the answers to those questions are mired in shadow, where even a flicker of truth is scarier than not knowing at all? These are the questions posed by Jordan and Zircher each month. These are the ideas and plot threads that make Shadowman such a compelling read that never falters to deliver it’s promise of excellence. It is the protagonist’s sheer uncertainty about his actions in the face of horrendous odds that anchors us in our seats, breathlessly awaiting the turn of the next page!

Shadowman may be freezing in the Deadside but things are just heating up in Jordan and Zircher’s tale. This is the issue that will bring everything to a head, creating a scattered front against Mr. Twist and his master. Decisions will be made, friends may fall and the past emerges from the ether. This is a quintessential read for this week! Only one book is worthy of having the moniker “Superior” — Shadowman!