Advanced Review: Planet of the Apes #12


The Lawgiver is dead, Chaika is a martyr and the City Tree of the Apes has been hit — by a crashing zeppelin! In the middle of all this madness, Bako battles his way through in a search for a missing Sully.

It is truly a pivotal time for the Planet of the Apes.

Writer Daryl Gregory brings an end to his current arc of the simian world where humans are more than animals but less than slaves with a climax even I, a regular reader, did not think or conceive of.

His action sequences remain ripe with power while his characterization of both Ape and human are dead-on, both honoring and adding to the rich history of the film franchise. Believe me – and you know if you’ve read at least one issue – that Planet of the Apes is far more than just dumb humans and talking monkeys.

As he has before, artist Carlos Magno brings a stark realism to this work that defines the world of its characters and yet makes it feel like part of the reality we ourselves exist in. A sci-fi book true, but the art could be depicting society and the realities of today — well, except for some of the characters are Apes, lol.

And as usual, kudos to colorist Darrin Moore who ties it all together with the mute tones that reflect the films and the issues that have gone before.

If you have been following this comic, this is the payoff you have been waiting for but have never suspected. You if haven’t, what better time to jump on board this gem of a book’s bandwagon?

Recommended for sci-fi, film, drama and simian fans everywhere!