Advanced Review: Batman #14


Far too often in the comics world, we see villains repeat past deeds over and over again with exactly the same results. Plan + Crime = the hero thwarting every move and taking the villain down with minimal effort. It is a cycle that is so predictable, fans have become numb to the very thought of the villain getting the upper hand at all. 

Finally, that cliche‘ can be disposed of thanks to Scott Snyder and crew! Not only does this wickedly evil new version of The Joker get the upper hand, he squeezes so tight — he actually breaks some bones!

Batman #14 delves deeper into the twisted world that The Joker is creating, not only for Batman, but for his entire “family” as well. It is a decent into depravity, one that will scar every aspect of our hero’s world and in some cases — make it unrecognizable! There have only been a handful of writers that have ever unnerved me so much while reading a comic book story, that I’ve actually had to catch my breath. Scott Snyder is now one of them!

I will not divulge any spoilers – where’s the fun in that! – but I will tell you that there are scenes in this issue that will hit you hard. There are moments when things will transcend the scope of a mere “funny book” and make you feel uneasy with what is happening. You will feel panic and nervousness for these characters like you never have before, and you will relish just how damn good this story is through all the horrific deeds happening to them. You will smile at how devilishly clever this Joker is and you will ponder why it took so long for him to get there. But above all the pain, torture and maniacally well thought out plans of an amazing villain, you will enjoy ever single page of this stunning work by Snyder and Capullo — and you will crave more!

Nothing is more precious than the private moments we share with the ones we love. The moments when we can let our guard down and truly show who we are. No secrets, no bravado, just a person exposed for the people we hold most dear. But what if, somewhere in the dark corners of our home there were eyes that didn’t belong there? Eyes that leered at our exposed selves and snickered at our weaknesses. Eyes that calculated our faults to use against us, then slowly slinks back into the shadows and made plans of their own. That is The Joker of Snyder’s world and things will never be the same again!

Pick up Batman #14 in stores tomorrow!