Zatanna Movie Has Been Talked About


While the boys of the DCEU have been failing miserably, Wonder Woman changed things and now WB seems to be moving full steam ahead with their female line of superheroes movies.

Multiple movies and projects are in the works for Harley Quinn, Birds of Prey films at the start of the year, the Wonder Woman sequel is underway, a flick is getting developed for Batgirl, and it has been said a Supergirl movie is in development that could possibly reboot Superman.

Now it’s also learned that a Zatanna movie has been discussed amongst the WB execs.

Deadline dropped the blurb in their article about female superhero movies become all the rage: “There‚Äôs also been talk of films for Supergirl, Zatanna and Batgirl, while male-hero movies like the long-promised Flash solo film or a new Superman installment have lost momentum.”

Nothing else is mentioned about a Zatanna movie, and it is not said to be happening, but we can assume if WB’s line of superhero female flicks is successful, Zatanna and additional female characters will get the cinematic treatment.

In the comics, Zatanna is magic-based, and has connections to the Justice League, Batman, Constantine, Justice League Dark and Black Canary.


It also recently became known that Margot Robbie is trying to get Poison Ivy into the DCEU as well, and Birds of Prey also features Black Canary, Huntress, and there has been talk of Catwoman.

Regarding the DCEU male side of things, they just officially have Aquaman coming out in December and Shazam! in April. The Joaquin Phoenix Joker movie is also happening, but said to be standalone and separate from the DCEU.